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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 1 – Memory 1: Memories of Versailles

by Prima Games Staff


  • Don’t get tackled
  • Pass under or over five objects

Follow the Girl

The memory begins with a cut scene, and when you finally take full control over a young Arno Dorian, you’ll want to do as instructed and follow the girl, learning later on that her name is Elise. This little chase will continue for a few brief moments, ending when you enter a courtyard with a gazebo.

Steal an Apple

There’s just no way to do this without getting caught. The game wants to teach you something it feels is important, meaning your skills as a thief are irrelevant. Approach the table in the middle of the gazebo and follow the on-screen instructions to steal the apple.

Hide from the Guard

Snatching the apple will prompt the nearby guard to come after you. To escape, you’ll want to first break line of sight. Do this by putting bushes between you and your foe, creating what is referred to as your last known location. Staying clear of your pursuer for a long enough period of time will cause him to abandon the search.

Speak to the Girl

Once the guard has lost interest in your apple thieving ways, you’ll want to take note of your on-screen objective, then make your way over there and talk to the girl. Don’t worry about the guard standing in the doorway. He’s no longer interested in you.

Follow the Girl

At the conclusion of a short cut scene, you’ll be back to the first objective of this memory, and it’s just as straightforward as the last time you followed Elise. Follow your new friend through the rooms and hallways until your objective updates yet again.

Find Out What’s Happening

As you make your way toward the commotion, your objective will automatically be updated, although what you need to do to complete it remains exactly the same. Simply continue to follow Elise until you enter a room with a large crowd, then make your way through it until you spot your father. This will trigger a significant cut scene in terms of Arno Dorian’s story, and when it ends, time will have moved forward a full 10 years.

Tackle Hugo

Chasing Hugo introduces an opportunity to begin progress on the two challenges that can be completed in this memory. The first is to pass over or under five objects, at least four of which can be done while chasing this fool and following the on-screen prompts. When you finally tackle him, you’ll trigger a short cut scene, and at its conclusion you’ll have become the prey.

Escape from the Brothers

If you haven’t already passed under or over five objects, you’ll want to run through the streets until you’re able to complete this. Just be sure to avoid the guards and the brothers in order to complete your second challenge of not getting tackled. When you’re finally ready to ditch these jerks, climb up on top of any nearby building and use the rooftops to break line of sight. Stay up there until your objective is complete.

Go to the De La Serre Estate

The path you take to lose Hugo and his brother doesn’t really matter, but when you’re finally in the clear, take a look on your screen for your objective marker. This will lead you to the De La Serre Estate, triggering a cut scene that will bring this memory to an end.

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