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Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC – Sequence 13: Memory 4 – Raising the Dead

by Prima Games Staff

Bring The Dead to Life


Dead Kings DLC – Sequence 13: Memory 4 – Raising the Dead has a set of three puzzles.  But before you can start this mission you will need to solve the mysteries of the two relics on Dom Poirier’s list. We will cover both the relics and the puzzles in this article.  

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Read Dom Poirier’s Notes in the Basilica

Your first objective is to travel to a marker on your screen. You’ll find that this takes you northeast of where you were speaking to Leon, and when you arrive you’ll see an open window part way up and on the front of the building. Climb in that window, then take some stairs up to a room that has the note sitting on a table.

Investigate the Tower of the Sword

This objective is only a few feet away, just back out of the room and down the stairs you used to reach your current location. Interact with the marker to complete the objective.

Suger’s Relics Found

You should now see two waypoints on your screen in the form of exclamation marks that have little scrolls next to them. The first one is found by heading back out the window that you used to enter the building, then climbing up even further to the top. Use your Eagle Vision if you’re having trouble, then interact to begin the first riddle.

Your first clue is on the southwest corner of the building, level with where you are now. There is a small wooden beam sticking out from the bricks, jump to that and interact to progress things forward.

Unlike the Nostradamus Enigmas that you seemed to love so much, these riddles (at least the first one) come with handy little objective markers to help you solve them. Rather than get you all confused with east, west, up, down and side to side, just go to that marker… we’ll meet you there.

When you arrive at the building there will be a synchronization point at the top, and using it isn’t a bad idea. The clue you’re looking for is also partway up and on the wall next to one of the smaller areas of the roof. Interact with it to continue on, moving to the southeast corner of the building to find the first of two of Suger’s relics.

You should now have one exclamation/scroll marker on your screen, and heading there will allow you to begin the next riddle. As you approach you’ll find that the start point is dangerously close to a restricted area, although you can definitely accept the task without entering… for a moment.

You’re headed back into the windmill area that you were in before, only this time there seem to be far more guards roaming about, as well as two alarm bells that could cause trouble. Luckily, you can sneak up to the windmill fairly easily, just wait for two guards patrolling to move away. The clue you’re looking for is found on the south side of the windmill itself – an important fact to note since there seems to be another collectible/puzzle on the other side that is of no use to you right now.

After finishing up with the windmill itself you’ll be headed back in the direction you came from where you’ll locate the third clue on the north wall. This can be accessed by a short wooden beam that sticks out of the bricks. Once you’re done, make your way to another on-screen objective marker about 50 meters away.

You’ll find the relic on the northwest tip of the large restricted area on your map, and using Eagle Vision should make spotting it a breeze. Once you have it you’ll be able to see the mission start point that sits about 300 meters to the northeast.

Sequence 13: Memory 4 – Raising the Dead

As noted above, this is the actual start point to the fourth memory of the Dead Kings DLC. You cannot begin this part until you have solved the riddles we outlined above.


  • Don’t get into conflict
  • Air assassinations

Investigate the Crypt

This part is simple enough, just make your way to the marker on your screen, which also happens to be the same ladder that you passed down in Sequence 13: Memory 1 – Buried Words. Just as we did then, we suggest using the window on the south side of the building for entry, but truth be told there are only two guards here to deal with. Sneak in or kill them, just get to the ladder.

As you get a new marker and head further into the crypt you’ll come across a room full of guards who are occupied with a suspected thief. Although it may lack the finesse of a skilled assassin, a Berserker Blade is a hilarious (and effective) way to thin the herd and tip the odds in Arno’s favor.

Tip: Take note that certain enemies have stars above their heads to indicate they are the leader of the Raider group that you’re currently facing. They should always be your first target since killing them will scare off all of their minions. This can turn huge fights into far more manageable encounters.

After making your way to the objective marker on your screen you’ll trigger a cut scene that will progress you to the next portion of the memory.

Sneak into the Rooms

Aside from needing to sneak into the rooms, there is a secondary objective that wants you to avoid conflict, something that is fairly easy in this situation. The room you want to sneak into is along the left wall, and there are only two guards near it. You can stealth kill them to clear the path since this doesn’t count as conflict (so long as you don’t actually engage in a fight with them).

Once you drop down into the room you’ll be in an investigation zone, and interacting with the ghostly statue on the left side will complete your primary objective

Solve the Puzzle

It’s never that easy, is it? Find… start by dipping your lantern in the oil jar behind you, then take note of the four plates on the ground. To make things easier we’ll number them one to four going left to right.

As quickly as you can, step on plates three, one, two and then four. This will cause the Raiders outside to have a mini freak out, but more importantly it will complete your objective. Dip your lantern in the oil jar one more time to refill it before leaving the room.

Sneak into the Other Room

When you exit the room you’re in you’re going to want to parkour your way to the left, not to the right and back the way you entered from. This will allow you to use the beams to cross the middle of the large area and end up on a wall that will drop you directly into the second room.

Tip: The parkour can be a tad wonky at times, so if you don’t want to risk this complicated path, just be sure to kill the leader of the Raiders. You’ll most likely fail your secondary objective, but if you don’t care about such things it is an option.

Once you’re in the room, approach the ghostly statue type thing and interact with it to complete your objective.

Solve the Puzzle

This one is pretty easy. Start off by lighting the brazier that is close to where you entered the room and in the middle. This will give you the clue “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,” which seems like it may be a reference to the sign of the cross. Either way, think of the first brazier as the bottom. Next up, light the top (opposite side of the room), then left and finally right. There is a more religious way to convey the solution, but for our purposes simple directions will do.

Sneak Inside the Final Map Room

if you’re trying to complete the side objectives you’ll need to perform an air assassination during this part of the memory, something that shouldn’t be too hard given the various high points around the main area. In fact, there should be a leader roaming around who would make an excellent target.

When you finally do make your way into the room it’ll be the same old routine – interacting with the ghost-ish looking deal to complete your objective.

Solve the Final Puzzle

This is even easier than the last one. From where you entered the room there will be four plates on the ground. Start with the one on the left, stepping on it once to raise a pillar to match the height of a clue on the wall. Continue moving clockwise around the room, stepping on the second plate twice. This will also match that pillar to symbol. Step on the third plate three times and the fourth plate four times, matching all pillars with the symbols on the wall. That will solve the puzzle, although your objective will not be complete until you parkour your way back to the top. This could prove a little finicky, but rest assured you’ll get there… explaining it would only complicated the matter.

Find the Correct Keyhole

The final objective of the memory is an easy one, only requiring you to approach the door to find the correct keyhole. That was a lot of puzzle solving… hopefully there is more killing in the next memory.

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