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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Guide- How to Complete Sequence 05

by Bryan Dawson

Memory 01: The Fort

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Use the mortar to damage the fort

– Use a running assassination to kill the officer

Head back to the Jackdaw and set sail. It’s time to be a pirate again, and your next destination is Nassau. Feel free to raid and pillage on the way to Nassau, or simply use fast travel to get there quickly.

When you arrive at Nassau, you’ll watch a short cut scene, then it’s time to head back to the ship and into open water. If you have not done so yet, upgrade the Jackdaw with mortars. You will need them for the upcoming mission.

Your objective is simple. Capture the fort. To do this and complete the optional objective at the same time, fire mortar shots from about 400 meters away to damage the fort. You want to aim for the two large cylindrical towers on either side of the fort. Destroy those and you’ll be able to move in for the kill.

As you engage in battle, ships will also attack. Ignore the ships and focus on the fort. With the fort destroyed, it doesn’t take much effort to get ahead of the ships long enough to dock at the fort and initiate the raid. If the fort is down and the Jackdaw has plenty of health, feel free to take on the ships as well. If not, focus exclusively on the fort.

When you get closer, move parallel to the fort, traveling at a fast speed, and use your heavy shots to inflict damage on the two towers. If you need to make more than one pass, come to a complete stop so you can turn around as quickly as possible, then immediately move back to a faster speed.

Once the fort’s defenses are taken out, dock and head into the fort on foot. Run up the stairs, then climb the wall. Ignore the battle going on and head straight for the location marker, which leads you to the officer. You need to take him out, but he won’t see you coming. You can shoot him from a distance, climb the wall nearby for an aerial assassination, or run up to engage in close combat with a running assassination. Using your gun from a distance or an aerial assassination are the easiest approaches, but the running assassination grants you the second optional objective.

With the officer dead, you must now reach the war room. Climb the wall to the west of the Captain to find your crew handily taking care of the guards. With an easy path to the war room, open the door to watch another cut scene and complete the mission.

Memory 02: Traveling Salesman

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Kill gunners (4)

– Kill guards stunned by smoke bombs (5)

Your next objective is Kingston. Head back to the ship and set sail for your next destination. On the way, you’ll have to pass by a fort. If your ship is heavily upgraded, feel free to take on the fort, but if not, sail as far west of the fort as you can. You’ll pass by one of the ships guarding the fort, but if you remain at traveling speed, you won’t have any trouble getting by while avoiding a fight.

When you arrive in Kingston, head to the mission location and speak to Adéwalé to begin the mission. Follow Prins and Torres until they enter the heavily guarded corridor. At this point, climb the wall and stand on the roof of the hut just above. Make sure to keep both men in your sights so you don’t lose them. Use Eagle Vision to keep a closer eye on them if need be.

Jump over to the tree, then climb up until you can use the branches to jump over to the horizontal poles extending from the structure ahead. Head over the roof of the building as the two men continue to move. Move from rooftop to rooftop until it’s necessary to jump back down to the ground to continue your pursuit.

At this point, the men stop just beyond a nearby tree. Hide behind the tree until the men continue to move. When they stop again, climb up to the rooftop of the nearby hut. Continue to follow the men, moving from rooftop to rooftop until you see a gunman perched at the top of a roof. Assassinate him from behind, then continue your rooftop adventures until the men move away once more.

You should see a stack of brush down below, near two guards. Dive into the brush, then move through the fencing ahead and hide in the brush just beyond. Stay close enough to eavesdrop on the conversation. To do so, you’ll need to climb up the building to the left and take out the guard on the roof. As the men continue to walk, you’ll also need to hide in carts and assassinate the guards that stand nearby until they finally stop at a clearing near some brush.

Hide in the brush until the guards attack. To complete the optional objective, toss a smoke bomb as soon as they attack and only kill the men while the smoke bomb is active. You may have to toss two or three smoke bombs to get the job done.

Once the guards are down, you need to chase down Kidd. Follow his exact path and you’ll have no trouble tackling him. For a “Kidd”, he’s not all that fast. Catch Kidd and the mission is complete!

Memory 03: Unmanned

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Use berserk darts on brutes (2)

– Use sleep darts on gunners (2)

Head to the windmill, climb to the top and speak with Kidd to start the next mission. Move to the right to synchronize the area, then drop down into the cart full of hay below. Your objective is to disable the three alarm bells.

Duck into the heavy brush just ahead and wait for the guards to move away. Once they do, move to the left toward the bell. Wait for the first guard on the left to separate himself from the other guards. Take him down while remaining hidden in the brush, then wait for the guard to the far left to move close to the brush you’re hiding in. Take him down as well, then move as close as you can get to the bell while staying in the brush.

Wait for the soldier guarding the bell to return, then whistle to get his attention and do your best impression of an assassin.  With those guards down, you should see a single guard just beyond the bell and to the left. Shoot a berserk dart into him to draw over the other guards. Shoot two more berserk darts into the soldiers holding axes. This fulfills the optional objective of using darts on the brutes.

While the berserker brutes are causing a commotion, use a sleeping dart on the gunman in the tower to your left. When the commotion is over, there will be a handful of guards remaining, leaving very few eyes on the bell tower. Wait until those eyes are looking away, then move in to sabotage the bell.

Duck back into the brush and head to the left of the tower to find one last guard. Whistle to get his attention, then take him down and continue moving towards the next bell. The bell is near a small house. You need to approach the house from the left side. Hide in the brush to the left of the house and wait for the guards to look the other way. Climb to the top of the house and use sleeping darts to disable the guards. Sabotage the bell, then move toward the third and final bell.

The path to the bell is fairly clear if you move from brush to brush. When you get close, target the brute (axe wielder) with a berserk dart to draw the others over. Wait until the smoke clears from the battle, then take out any remaining guards with sleeping darts. Keep an eye on the soldier in the watch tower and hit him with a sleeping dart if necessary. With the third bell down, head to the new location marker to meet up with Kidd.

After the brief cut scene, quickly move up to the brush on the left, just inside the grounds. Wait for the guard to come down the stairs, then whistle and take him down.  Move forward into the hay cart and whistle again when the guard approaches. Take him out, then climb up to the roof of the house and synchronize.

Turn around and head for the crate of brush just ahead to the left. There’s one guard close to you and another on the far side. Wait until the guard on the far side is looking away, then run toward the closest guard and assassinate him. Move to the far left side of the roof and look down. Just beyond the gate is a single guard. Assassinate him, then move into the brush just ahead.

Your target is Laurens Prins. Activate Eagle Vision and look toward the gazebo on the right to find him. Move toward him, staying in the brush. The only guard left to worry about is the one on the roof to your right. As long as he is not looking in your direction, you can move about freely. Wait until Prins is facing the other direction, then run up and assassinate him!

Now it’s time to put on your track shoes, because after a short cut scene, you need to leave the mansion grounds and head into town. Don’t worry about attacking anyone, just run. Once you’re back in town, get a little bit ahead of the guards chasing you and duck into some brush to lose them. 

With the guards out of the way, it’s time to meet up with Kidd over by the windmill. Did you know he’s actually a she?

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