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Alien: Isolation Mission 2: Welcome to Sevastopol – Door Code, Get Through the Main Door

by Prima Games Staff

Survive Sevastopol with Prima’s Alien: Isolation Walkthrough.

Take control of Amanda and receive your objective to Find Help before heading into the adjacent room to change. Pass through the door into the next room where you can save your progress if you’d like, but it’s really not necessary. Follow the hallway until you reach a pit with fire coming out of it, then look to the wall on the left and climb into the ventilation shaft. Follow the shaft around and exit on the other side.

Keep moving forward until you see another hole in the floor, this time with two boards that you can pass over. Head across the boards to trigger a short cut scene, and when you regain control, start moving forward and through the luggage checkpoint. Keep following the luggage track all the way to the far end where you’ll find some supplies. Backtrack the way you came, then when you pass through one of the luggage checkpoints, look for a device on the wall that you can interact with. You can lower the ramp to access the ladder or just walk all the way around.

When you reach the top of the ladder, check the room for supplies and exit through the only door you can. There are two rooms on the left, one that requires a numerical code to open, the other needing the power to be restored. There’s also a room on the right that needs a little juice before you can go inside.

The only way you can go is to the opposite end of this area and up the stairs. When you reach the top, head to the side walls and pick up a map of the area, then try to go through the large shutter, quickly finding that it also needs the power to be restored. This will update your objective to Find a Way to Restore Power to the Shutter.

Head into the control booth and interact with the power coupling on the left, then approach and use the computer at the center of the console, making sure to browse to the Utility folder, then select Power Junction D-13 Departures. This should accomplish two tasks – completing your objective to Find a Way to Restore Power to the Shutter, and giving you the code to the room with the keypad, which is 0340.

Go to the room that requires the code and collect all the goodies inside, including the Blueprint for crafting Medkit V.1. Exit the room and check the other two rooms, one to the left and one to the right. There aren’t any alternate paths to find here, but players can scoop up a few more crafting items that might come in handy down the line. Head back up the stairs and through the shutter.

The next area is fairly insignificant. Pass through it to the other side, making sure to crouch underneath the live wire hanging from the ceiling. When you enter the Spaceflight Terminal, go up the stairs on your right and make your way around until you spot your ship. This will update your objective to Contact the Torrens.

Continue along until you go down the opposite stairs, then head into the area with the Cred-Op Amusements sign above the door. Pick up the Flare if there is one, then use the power coupling to restore power to the area. Backtrack out of that room and go in the door along the left wall, just near the bottom of the stairs.

Enter the room and use the Sevastolink terminal to learn more about what went down on the station. Take a look around and make sure you didn’t miss anything, then use the hatch to access the vent and climb inside. Follow the vent until you can’t go any further, then climb out and into an area that’s seen better days.

Approach the large container in front of you and move the cart out of the way. Pass through the container to the other side, then keep moving in the only direction you can until you reach the top of the large stairs.

Pass through into the next area to see a large door with the number 42 written on it at the opposite end. Move to the door to have your objective update to Get Through the Main Door, but in order to do that, you need a Maintenance Jack. Turn around and face the direction you entered the room from, then go to the left side and through the only unlocked door in the area. This will lead you to a room with a very bright light with a power coupling nearby. Restore the power and then backtrack out the door you just came in.

When you’re facing the large door that is now your objective, you’ll see a stairwell on the left. Head up the stairs and through a door that is available now that the power is back on. Save your game if you feel the urge, then pass through that room and into a control room with an audio file. There’s not much to do here, but if you want to listen to the file you can.

Exit the control room and turn left, going through another door to find a short hallway with a wheelchair and wet floor sign nearby. Go through the nearby door and loot the room for supplies, then return to the hall and head through another door at the opposite end.

You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you’re in a room with a bunch of shelves and a dude laying on the floor behind a fence. You can’t go through the nearby door, but you can crawl into the ventilation shaft and drop into the room through the ceiling. Do that, then grab the Maintenance Jack from his body and loot the surrounding area for supplies. When you’re done, use your new toy to pop the door open and exit the room.

You now need to backtrack the way you came, but now that you have the Maintenance Jack there are at least two doors you can enter now that you couldn’t before. One of them is just after you exit the room where you found the Maintenance Jack, and the other is in the area beyond where you recently restored the power. Check them out or leave them be – the choice is yours. Either way, when you are all done with this area, head back to the giant door with the number 42 on it and complete your objective to Get Through the Main Door.

Following a cut scene, your new objective will be to Head to the Transit Link with Axel. Pop the door open and follow your new friend, stopping when he does and activating the elevator when he tells you to. When you finally reach his hideout your objective will update to Stay Close to Axel. You’ll need to pick up the Flashlight and Flashlight Batteries before you can move on, but when you’re ready, follow him into the vent.

When you enter the next room your objective will update once again, this time asking you to Use Your Flashlight to Find the Vent Entrance. Do as the game asks, then locate the vent in the far left corner of the area from where you entered. Follow Axel through the vent until he spots some people talking up ahead.

When you reach the next area, take cover next to Axel until your objective updates and requires you to Find a Way to Distract the Looters. Move around the room in a counterclockwise fashion until you enter a room with the console that controls the generator. Kill the power to the generator, then climb through the hatch to enter the vent in the floor. The looters are headed to the generator console to check it out, so wait a couple of seconds and then climb back out of the vent.

As long as you timed it correctly (took us two tries), your objective will update and ask you to Escape with Axel. Run down the hallway next to where the looters were originally standing and pass through the only door you can take.

Move through this room, stopping to use the Sevastolink terminal if you desire, then into the next room on your journey. When he joins you, your objective will update to Hit the Power at the Same Time as Axel. To do this, backtrack through two rooms until you see the power console, then press the button that’s indicated on your screen.

After restoring the power you’ll have a new objective, this time asking you to Save Axel. Sprint back around to his location and melee the looter that’s trying to kill him. This will prompt the rest of the looters to begin chasing you, and your objective will update once again to Escape with Axel. Simply sprint after him until you trigger a cut scene.

Following the cut scene, your objective will be to Reach the Transit Station. Take the hallway to the right of the giant blood stained vent, passing through into an area called the Towerlink Transit System. Head to the far right corner of the room and press the Call Transit button to the right of the door. When the door finally opens, get on board and press the button to go to the Lorenz Systech Spire. We’d advise doing this very, very quickly. If you’re fast enough, this is the end of Mission 2 – Welcome to Sevastopol.

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