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A Way Out – Chapter 5: Conflict

by Larryn Bell

Now that Harvey has been taken care of, it’s time for Vincent and Leo to return home and figure out how to move forward with their fugitive lives. Chapter 5: Conflict is the final chapter in the action-packed co-op adventure, A Way Out. The following walkthrough for Chapter 5 may contain story spoilers, so if you haven’t finished the game yet, consider yourself warned.


Although this is the last chapter of A Way Out, there are still a number of questions that remain unanswered. The opening section of Chapter 5 aims to answer any remaining story-related questions through a series of cutscenes. The cutscenes will play just after you return from Mexico and step off the plane.

Canal Chase

After the series of cutscenes, Leo and Vincent will eventually find themselves inside a cop car, on the run from the police. Try to steer as straight as possible, avoiding other cars and obstacles along the way.

Vincent and Leo will end up landing in the water. The two of you will have to break the windows to escape.

Vincent and Leo will get split up on their way to the surface. Each of you will reach separate vehicles, and you will have to eventually reunite to complete the objective.

Face Off

After the intense chase, each of you will have to abandon your vehicles and regroup on foot. Vincent and Leo meet back up in a shipping yard along the pier.

When you enter the building, make sure to hide behind walls and use objects around you for cover. Continue through the firefight until you reach the final moments of the game.

A Way Out

The last section of Chapter 5: Conflict is aptly named A Way Out. In this section, Vincent and Leo reunite once more, taking a stand for what they feel is right. Your choices here will ultimately determine which ending you receive in A Way Out. If you want to know more about the endings in A Way Out, head over to our guide to all endings in A Way Out.

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