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New Video of NBA 2K14 Looking Gorgeous

by Prima Games Staff

Someone could make the argument that NBA 2K14 is the most next-gen looking game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and all he or she has to do is whip out 2K Sports’ newest video that, quite frankly, has us ready to drop hundreds of dollars on these machines.

Yes, the developer spends the bulk of the video’s five plus minutes discussing its new Eco-Motion feature that allows for more lifelike animations on the court, but we have a feeling you’ll eventually drown out this chatter (which is very informative) and just absorb the on-screen beauty. Those forehead wrinkles! Those eyes! Sweat that looks like sweat! Jerseys that move like jerseys! Animations that look like cut scenes, but it’s all in-game footage!

You probably don’t need reminding, but PlayStation 4 debuts November 15th, right alongside this game. Your wallet is ready.