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DayZ Patch 0.45 Adds New Town, Hunting, Fishing and Cooking

by Prima Games Staff

With H1Z1 set to release for early access sometime in the near future, players in DayZ are about to see some major improvements to their experience as well. While we don’t want to brag, we did predict that a little healthy competition would be beneficial to fans. Whether it’s just a happy accident or a planned response to the upcoming H1Z1 release, we’re glad that we can finally get some of that rest and relaxation, and maybe even do some fishing during the zombie apocalypse.

It should be noted that the 0.45 patch is currently available on experimental servers. For those who are looking to try them out, sort your servers by Version. If you don’t see any 0.45 servers available, you will need to make sure your filter is set to show rooms that require passwords. Of course, if you are only able to get into rooms with passwords enabled, that introduces a brand new problem that even we can’t help you with.

In addition to the difficulty finding and playing on these particular servers, we should also mention that the development team doesn’t release a Changelog for experimental updates. Therefore, the list which we are about to show you shouldn’t be considered official, as it was compiled by the community.

  • Action: Cancel Current Action
  • Action: Chopping down trees
  • Action: Drinking from a pond animation
  • Action: Search for berries
  • Action: Picking apples
  • Action: Dig up worms
  • Action: Mine stone using pickaxe
  • Action: Raw boar steak
  • Action: Wild boar pelt
  • Action: Fishing action
  • Action: Tear out pages from books
  • Action: Bladed weapons can be sharpened on a stone.
  • Action: Ash wood stick can be cut into pieces with a hacksaw
  • Item: Road Flare
  • Item: Fireplace Kit
  • Item: Fishing Hook
  • Item: Composite Arrow
  • Item: Firewood
  • Location: Novodmitrovsk (Town)
  • Location: Karmanovka (Village)
  • Building: New industrial building
  • Event: Helicopter crash sites spawn at server start (3 per server)
  • Location: New mine area north Gvozdno
  • Location: Pyramid has been replaced by a sign
  • Weapon: AKM with 30 Round Magazine, 75 Round Magazine and PSO1 Scope
  • Weapon: Longhorn (Using 7.52mm)
  • Weapon: P1 Pistol
  • Animals: Deer, Boar, goat, Cow and Fish
  • Clothing: OREL Unit Uniform (Pants + Jacket)
  • Clothing: Police Officer Uniform (Pants + Jacket + Hat)
  • Clothing: Gorka Uniform (Pants + Jacket)
  • Clothing: High Capacity Vest (12 slots)
  • Clothing: Thin Framed Glasses
  • Crafting: Improvised Courier Bag from Animal Pelt

While there are some fairly cool items on that list, none are more impressive than the addition of a new location called Novodmitrovsk. Rumored to be located just to the north of the Northeast Airfield, it will no doubt add a new variable to consider for anyone who visits that part of the map. Feel free to click on the embedded video and take a tour.

Because the Changelog is unofficial, players can expect it to grow substantially as more features are discovered. Still, what has already been found promises to alter some of the in-game concepts, with the hope being that it will help to reduce the bandit problem that plagues the current build. Why shoot a human Bambi when you can kill an actual deer, score yourself a pelt and a couple of steaks?

Have a look at the video below from Silo | Entertainment where he shows you several concepts related to hunting, chopping down trees, building a fire and even cooking.

Article Source: DayZ TV

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