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Zombies in Spaceland: How to Build The Face-melter

by Prima Games Staff

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s new Zombies in Spaceland map brings new Wonder Weapons and Easter Eggs to fans. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to get the Face-melter, one of the new Wonder Weapons available to fans in the new zombies mode.

How to Build the Face-melter

The Face-melter is one of six sticker packs that Zombies’ fans can complete to build special weapons and find Easter Eggs hidden in the new Zombies in Spaceland mode. To build the Face-melter Wonder Weapon, players will need to find three distinct stickers, which will then allow them to visit a specific location in the map to build it. Find out more about everything that’s new in Zombies in Spaceland.

The first sticker that players can find for this buildable Wonder Weapon actually requires you to kill zombies and collect specific Souvenir Tokens, which drop randomly from enemies upon their death. For this particular sticker part, you will need to take down zombies and collect any of the blue Souvenir tokens that drop. For those who might have trouble telling the difference in the colors, these particular tokens will have little astronaut heads on them. Keep in mind that you can only carry one Souvenir token at a time. Before you can use Souvenir tokens, you’ll need to make sure you know how to turn on the power.

With the blue token in hand, make your way from the center area and into the Journey into Space section of the map. You’ll want to look out for the Souvenir Machine in this area, and then insert the token with the astronaut into it. From here, head back into the center area and kill more zombies until another blue Souvenir token drops from an enemy. Take this coin and drop it into the same machine as the first one. Collect one more blue Souvenir token and drop it into the same machine as the last two. This will not only spawn a special weapon you can use, but you’ll also be rewarded with the Rocket sticker part for the Face-melter.

Obtaining the next part of the Face-melter is a bit complicated, so make sure to follow the steps below very carefully. To acquire the “Crystal” piece of the Face-melter (the sticker on the far right hand side of the collection), the player must purchase an Arcane Core for 300 Tickets, then purchase Golden Teeth for 300 Tickets. Then you will need to make it to a wave where Brutes spawn, and have the Gator trap in the Kepler system close on a Brute. This will break some of the Gator Trap’s teeth. Replace them with the Golden Teeth that you purchase.

Now head to Pack-a-Punch and activate the mini UFOs that we mention in our guide on how to get Elemental Effects on your guns. From there make your way to Journey Into Space, and get 15-24 kills using the Star Mission Rocket Ship Trap (just to the left of the Journey Into Space entrance). You must get the kills within one use, so make sure to herd the zombies into the trap. The UFO will now change paths and begin moving around the entire area. Follow it and kill zombies using the weapon with the Arcane Core on it. After a certain amount of kills the UFO will drop the lightning Elemental Core. Grab it and then head back to the Gator Trap and shoot the second circle in the trap’s mouth with the upgraded gun. This will cause it to open and give you the Crystal piece.

Unfortunately, additional details about this Wonder Weapon are currently unknown. We are constantly on the lookout for new information about this buildable, and we will be updating this guide constantly with new information as it becomes available to us. For now, head back over to our Zombies in Spaceland guide for more help with Easter Eggs, new zombies features and more.

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