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Zombie Army Trilogy Tips and Tricks – M1 Carbine, SVT-40, Thompson

by Prima Games Staff

Its been several years since the World War II media explosion, where publishers released several video games paying homage to the greatest generation kicking Nazi butt. Now that we enjoyed a little break, were ready to storm the beach and airdrop into the combat zone. 

Following Wolfenstein: The New Order, next up is Zombie Army Trilogy, a gore-filled romp from Rebellion, makers of the Sniper Elite series. The three episode third-person shooter takes place in an alternate universe circa 1945, where in a last ditch effort to crush the Allies, Hitler unleashes the zombie horde throughout Europe. Its your mission to slaughter the undead across several locations and eventually put one final bullet in the Fuhrers head, and believe us when we say you want to aim for the head! 

If you play games like this (Gears of War and Sniper Elite especially), Zombie Army Trilogy will feel delightfully familiar. Still need some tips? These tricks will let you blast your way into Berlin in record time. 

Tip: Cant access the pistol? Press and hold the Triangle or Y button to equip that Luger P08, Colt M1911 or Tokarev TT-33.

Conserve ammo with melee attacks 

While ammo isnt necessarily scarce in this game, it may be a while until you stumble upon the next Safe Room. With this in mind, you can injure enemies with a well-placed kick, achieved by pressing L1/LB on the system of choice. In fact, you will kill a skeleton with one kick. Zombies, on the other hand, may require two kicks. The first sends the creature to the ground, while the second lets you kick off its head. 

Speaking of a zombies noggin

Headshots are the way to go

Although you can kill zombies by blowing off their limbs and shooting them in half, the game will resurrect specific monsters unless you blow off their heads, so make sure you splatter those craniums whenever possible.  

The easiest way to do this is with a sniper rifle, and it doesnt seem to matter which one you choose, whether its the SVT-40, M1 Carbine or Lee Enfield Mk. III. Press and hold the left trigger to bring up the scope, then press and hold R1/RB to slow your characters breathing, thus making the target easier to hit. In many cases the game will treat you to a cool-looking cinematic (ala Sniper Elite 3) of the bullet leaving the gun barrel and traveling all the way to its target, whereupon which itll puncture the skull.  

Tip: Dont forget to reload! Press Square or X to swap magazines. The last thing you want is to squeeze the trigger and come up empty. 

When in trouble, throw a grenade

Zombie Army Trilogy can throw a huge number of enemies on the screen at once, so many that you wont have enough bullets to kill them all. Thats what Stielhandgranate grenades are for! Look in the desired direction and press R1/RB to throw that sucker towards the mob. Just make sure you avoid the blast radius.

Thankfully you have more destructive tools at your disposal. In addition to the Stielhandgranate, there are Land Mines, Trip Mines and Dynamite. With the Trip Mine, place one end down and then walk over and place the other end. This is great for alleyways, where lots of zombies will shamble towards the trip wire. 

Before starting a level, youre able to select the number of explosives you want to carry, up to five. Example, you can take two Stielhandgranates, one Land Mind, one Trip Mine and one stick of Dynamite. Conversely, you can take four Stielhandgranates and one Trip Mine. Choose wisely, but this all comes down to comfort level. 

Tip: Cycle through explosives by pressing left and right on the d-pad.

Beware the difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty in Zombie Army Trilogy, with Sniper Elite being the toughest. In this mode, wind, heart rate and gravity affect accuracy, so keep this in mind. If its too hard, go with the Marksman difficulty, which still packs a serious challenge. 

Tip: Press and hold the X or A button to search corpses. Remember, you have to hold the button to complete the search. No quick taps!

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