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Yoshi’s Woolly World Tips and Tricks – Badges, Smiley Flowers, Mellow Mode

by Prima Games Staff

Yoshi’s Woolly World is the latest side-scrolling platform game starring Mario’s dinosaur buddy, who is on a quest to rid the world of enemies while at the same time finding secret items. This time around, the world has a yarn-based design similar to Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Wii, where everything is made of the material and players can alter pieces of it to solve puzzles.

The game is basic for all ages to enjoy, but we have some tips for item collecting and using yarn balls to your advantage.

Gathering Collectibles

Yoshi’s Woolly World contains three types of collectibles. The first are Winged Cloud Canisters scattered throughout each level. There are five per board, and they’re usually tucked away out of place, like in hidden rooms or corridors outside of view until Yoshi approaches. The best thing you can do if you see one of these is to look for an alternate path. You can usually access it by eating a vulnerable wall (look for a stem that indicates Yoshi can devour it – he’ll create an extra yarn ball as well) or even push some wall aside so he can enter the hidden area.

The next items are Smiley Flowers. These are a staple of Yoshi games, and there are five to collect in each stage, similar to the Canisters. If you find them all, you’ll see the flowers on a spinning ring at the end of the board. By passing through the ring and landing on a flower, you’ll not only score some extra beads (the in-game currency), but also make your way to a bonus stage where you can run around and collect even more.

Finally, we have beads. You’ll see clusters throughout the stage, but you can find extra beads from ground pounding green mushroom platforms (they come pouring from the bottom) or seeking them out in hidden rooms. The more beads you collect, the more Stamp Patches you’ll be able to find. They build up as you accumulate more beads, with up to 20 in a stage.

Activate Badges

Badges play a vital role in the game because they make levels much easier to complete. When entering a stage, you’ll have the option to purchase a temporary badge for one play-through, which provides a certain advantage.

At first, you won’t have many options for these badges, as there will only be one to increase the size of your yarn balls, enabling you to cover more space with each one you throw. As you proceed through the game, however, you’ll unlock more, including the ability to use your loyal dog Poochy, who can help Yoshi get around much easier.

Badges cost anywhere from 500 to 2,000 beads, depending on what you want to use. That’s why it’s vital to pick up as many of them as possible within each stage, as they act as currency to unlock badges when you play.

Use Yarn Balls to Your Advantage

You’ll be able to generate yarn balls with ease throughout Yoshi’s Woolly World. There are green blocks that produce up to six for you to carry (and you can always refill), and you can pick them up by eating and digesting enemies (eat first, then press down on the control pad to get the yarn ball) or biting walls in the middle of a stage.

With these, you can use two different aiming systems (precision or the default set-up) to time your shots and hit enemies, such as Piranha plants, to move in and defeat them. Yarn balls are also quite handy during boss battles, so make sure you have a few on hand.

The default aiming system works best. While you’ll have to wait a second for your ideal shot to line up, you’ll achieve better precision this way. If you miss, you can go and get another yarn ball from an earlier part of the stage.

One more thing – yarn balls are an excellent way to get out-of-reach collectibles. There may be a flower or beads hanging above that you can’t access, even with a well-timed jump. However, with a good throw of a yarn ball, you’ll be able to pick them up and continue on your way.

Consider Mellow Mode

Although the game is easier than most Nintendo-based platformers (looking at you, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze), some players may struggle depending on their skill levels. Not to worry, as there’s a secondary mode you can activate called Mellow Mode.

By activating this, Yoshi will be able to fly around without penalty, allowing him to make longer jumps and avoid falling to certain doom. The enemies still pack a punch, though, so it helps to keep a yarn ball handy, or better yet, devour them to get another one.

There is no penalty for using this mode, so if you have trouble, don’t be afraid to mellow out!


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