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Yooka-Laylee – How to Find All the Pirate Treasures

by Josh Hawkins

Yooka-Laylee, like most of the 3D platformers that inspired it, is chock full of collectibles for players to find. Pirate Treasures are one of the best hidden collectibles in the game, and in order to collect them you’re going to need the Flappy Flight power. Once you have that power, take a look at the article below to learn the locations of all five of the Pirate Treasures hidden in Yooka-Laylee.

In order to make this easy to follow, we’ve broken up the below information depending on its world, starting with the game’s first Grand Tome—Tribalstack Tropics.

Tribalstack Tropics

The first Pirate Treasure can be found just to the left of the starter area in Tribalstack Tropics. Head around the building and look for a hole in the wall that you can jump to. Jump over to it to collect this Pirate Treasure, and begin your journey.

Glitterglaze Glacier

Next make your way to the second world and look for Gloomy Gem Grotto. To find this area, jump into the water near Trowzer, and then swim over to your right. Look for the entrance to the area just below the water. Move through the obstacle course inside, and then look for the Pirate Treasure skull just above an orange monster.

Moodymaze Marsh

The next Pirate Treasure can be found in Yooka-Laylee’s third world, Moodymaze Marsh. Look for a building to your right as you exit the level’s second underwater area, and then move through an underwater tunnel that is filled with spiked rocks. Once you leave the water, take a right turn and look for the building. You can climb up it using Flappy Flight. At the top, look for the Pirate Treasure on the smokestack.

Capital Cashino

Head to Capital B’s favorite hot spot, and look for this Pirate Treasure near the beginning of the world, where you enter through the Grand Tome. Turn around as soon as you enter, and look directly up to spot the skull floating above a lamp shade. There are two ways to grab this Pirate Treasure. Either use Flappy Flight to reach it, or use Dr. Puzz’s Mollycool transformation. Find out where all of the Mollycools are with our handy guide.

Galleon Galaxy

Head to the final world to spot the last Pirate Treasure. First, though, you’ll need to expand the Grand Tome using Pagies. Once that is done, look for a giant pink moon and head inside to enter the Velocity Terminal. Don’t go down the slide you run into, though. Instead, use Flappy Flight to fly out and into the sky. You should spot the Pirate Treasure dangling over a small globe over on your right.

Finding all five of the Pirate Treasures won’t reward you in-game, but it will unlock three achievements and a trophy on the PlayStation 4. Now that you know how to find all the Pirate Treasures, head back over to our Yooka-Laylee guide for more help.

Josh Hawkins

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