World of Horror 0.9.92 ‘Dreadful Dreams’ Patch Notes Listed

This Eldritch x Ito inspired horrorfest just gets better and better

World of Horror is easily one of the coolest horror games out there, and it’s finally getting a big update with Dreadful Dreams. Here’s your World of Horror 0.9.92 ‘Dreadful Dreams’ Patch Notes, listed.

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World of Horror 0.9.92 ‘Dreadful Dreams’ Patch Notes Listed

Let’s be honest, the Dread Dreams patch isn’t just a patch, it’s a big update with a lot of new content. So, let’s jump right into it with the official patch notes below.


  • The stars are right above SHIOKAWA and the terrible KTU-RUFU is awakening once more, its boundless reveries sow turmoil and insanity.
  • Learn the dark secret behind MIMI’S LITTLE PROJECT, a new CHALLENGE
  • Unlock new items, allies and spells locked behind eight new achievements
  • ILLEGAL DEN has expanded its operation, allowing the desperate enough characters to hire new followers. But can you trust them with your life and the future of SHIOKAWA?
  • POLICE STATION is now actively fighting the illegal den and corruption, allowing th e characters to request police patrols that decrease the THREAT level of patrolled locations.
  • ROOFTOP GIRL has started whispering to herself.


  • the game supports up to 28 custom characters now
  • fixed the custom mystery’s name displaying twice on the mystery board screen
  • custom enemies are no longer dropping their rewards if the player escaped from them
  • custom mysteries now load in a randomized order
  • Extra mystery features: restricted location, custom UI, mystery-linked status cards and variable length/ending triggers
  • Various issues with the linked events fixed


  • added new allies: RYUICHI, REIKO, and HIROYUKI MIZUTANI
  • ILLEGAL DEN now allows you to hire allies while increasing DOOM
  • HEIRESS character and all backstories are now available in quickplay
  • ANATOMY CLASS doesn’t crash the game with the VANITY MIRROR interaction
  • HEIRESS character received a small visual rework and found a new expensive jacket in her closet
  • POLICE STATION: police patrols now lower location’s Threat Level
  • rare cases of the game crashing fixed
  • COMA mystery boss death glitch removed, maybe
  • VIGIL mystery’s phantom mansion glitch removed
  • thrown items can now target both enemies
  • PICKPOCKET: works as intended
  • DOOMED ALREADY: doesn’t trigger the LOOTING effect anymore
  • SHADOW SHROUD effect correctly disappears at the end of the mystery
  • KNPHA RITUAL: doesn’t apply the ANCESTRAL STRENGTH buff anymore
  • FLOODS mystery: clicking through screens disabled
  • Removed BADLY BLEEDING attack effect from the enemies that shouldn’t have it
  • YGOTHAEG’s ending screen unlocks as intended now
  • Throwing ITEMS can now target both enemies
  • MIMI’S LITTLE PROJECT doesn’t count lighthouse as a new mystery anymore
  • STORAGE space increased to reflect the UI
  • WORDLESS WARD: resting skip glitch fixed
  • Cigarettes don’t carry over through playthroughs (it would be nice, though)
  • ILLEGAL DEN: clicking through other cards removed
  • [ENM086]: characters can run from this encounter, as intended
  • COMMONER backstory works as intended
  • [ENM079]: characters can run from this encounter, as intended
  • Phantom box cutter crash fixed
  • Ending Screen death loop fixed
  • Jumpscare sounds now use the setting volume, rather than their own
  • [EVT006]: Option 3 is clickable again
  • KIRIE’s display fixed

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  • [EVT006] correctly applies the STAMINA penalty now
  • [EVT009]: reworded the event to make sense with other light sources, removed the experience reward
  • [EVT016]: third option reward removed
  • [EVT018]: removed the extra reward not stated in the text
  • [EVT030]: removed the extra reward not stated in the text
  • [EVT031]: options are now correctly affected by the Threat Level; the displayed event number changed
  • [EVT041]: the displayed event location icon fixed
  • [EVT048]: options are now correctly affected by the Threat Level; extra reward removed
  • [EVT069]: removed the extra penalty not stated in the text
  • [EVT085]: the displayed event location icon fixed
  • [EVT090]: removed the extra reward not stated in the text
  • [EVT100]: the second option correctly lowers the location’s Threat Level
  • [EVT161]: text for success/failure displays correctly now
  • [EVT164]: the first option uses the correct stat check
  • [EVT165]: the first option uses the correct stat check
  • [EVT175]: reward fixed
  • [EVT177]: correctly applies the penalty now
  • [EVT132]: STARS ARE RIGHT upgrade works properly now
  • grammar and spelling fixes
  • NECRONOMICON spells no longer work on STE
  • new allies appear in the FESTIVAL mystery now
  • OLD COIN can’t get rid of the ON THE RUN status anymore
  • ONYX MEDALLION works correctly during VIGIL and FESTIVAL mysteries
  • EELS mystery: text display fixed
  • HUNTER’S DAUGHTER, EX-CULTIST, and HEIRESS got new outfits
  • TAIYAKI’s description displays currently in the shop now
  • Schoolyard tips display fixed
  • STE effect display fixed
  • EIMI’s ghost following players fixed
  • [ITM009]: Floating pixel removed
  • FEARFUL description fixed
  • Achievement typo(s) fixed
  • YASHIRO: added a new mask that fits his face
  • YASHIRO: the sweater name displays correctly now
  • [ENM073]: Proper intro text selected
  • Changelog update and an overlay fix
  • [ENM095]: typo fixed
  • NURSE can treat the BLOATED status now


  • Ayaka’s ELDRITCH POSSESSION effect reduced (x/2 -> x/2.4)
  • Ayaka’s BLOOD MANIA effect reduced (0.04 -> 0.02 and floor/4 -> floor-0.5/4)
  • Toshiaki’s BOOK STRAP effect reduced (0.1 -> 0.07)
  • Kirie’s KIRIE’S BAG increases DOOM when forgetting spells (0 -> 1)
  • Juri’s CHECK BOOK increased FUNDS, decreased DOOM (5 and 3%)
  • DODGE action is slightly faster (160 -> 155)
  • BRACE action is slightly slower (160 -> 165)
  • CARPENTER HAMMER: base chance to hit increased (40 -> 50)
  • HEAVY-DUTY FLASHLIGHT: base chance to hit decreased (75 -> 70)
  • [EVT074]: DOOM penalty for taking new allies lowered (10 -> 7)
  • TREE: added a small DOOM penalty that increases with use
  • MONUMENT: changed the math calculating the price to make HoD slightly harder
  • ILLEGAL DEN: lowered the DOOM cost of entering to balance the higher prices
  • POLICE STATION: experience cost for selling information lowered (15 -> 11)
  • MIND DRAIN: damage increased (4 -> 5)
  • REGENERATION: heal effect increased (3 -> 4)
  • SKIN REMOVAL: damage increased (5 – 6)
  • ABSORB: damage increased (2 -> 3)
  • ITHOTU FLAME: damage increased, doom penalty decreased (7 -> 8 / 3 -> 2)
  • ENTHRALLMENT cost decreased (5->4)
  • Increased the EXP reward for banishing a GHOST (5 -> 20)


  • You technically can save/exit before starting a first mystery. It doesn’t seem to break/affect anything at the moment so it’s staying it for the time being.
  • Throwing an item while you have an item with the same name equipped could reduce your inventory slots.
  • The less active custom mysteries you have the higher chance of a crash (2 mysteries in a folder = around 15%, 3 mysteries = around 5%, more mysteries = around 1-0.01% each playthrough). I’ll have to sit down and test some new solutions for it but with 2 example mysteries provided with the game it should be fine, even if you only download one new custom mystery.
  • Thanks for reading!

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