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Word Connect – All Puzzle Solutions

by Josh Hawkins

Word Connect is a new mobile game from Zentertain LTD. In the game, players must unscramble the different words from a set number of tiles in order to spell out all the words on the board. In this article we’ll showcase all of the puzzle solutions to the various puzzles that you’ll come across in Word Connect, and we’ll even include images to help you find all the answers more easily.

Word Connect – All Puzzle Solutions

In order to make this guide easy to follow, we’ll simply be breaking the different levels down individually instead of by chapter. So, if you’re having trouble with a level, be sure to check down below and find the solution. We’ll be updating this article over time, so new level solutions will arrive each day.

Level 1

The words you need to spell out in Level 1 are Be and Bed.

Level 2

This level’s words include Up and Cup.

Level 3

The third level’s solution is Us, Bus, and Sub.

Level 4

For Level 4, be sure to input the words If, It, and Fit.

Level 5

Things start to get a bit more complicated here. Level 5’s solution is No, On, So, and Son.

Level 6

This next level’s solution is Do, Go, Dog, and God.

Level 7

At this point the words do become a bit more complex. The solution for Level 7 is Of, Ox, and Fox.

Level 8

This solution is To, Opt, Pot, and Top.

Level 9

The ninth level’s solution is Up, Us, and Sup.

Level 10

The solution to Level 10’s word puzzle is Am, My, May, and Yam.

Level 11

For Level 11 you are going to want to enter the words Do, Or, and Word to solve the puzzle.

Level 12

This next level’s solution is going to be He, No, On, and Hone.

Level 13

You’ll want to enter the words Ace, Café, and Face to solve Level 13’s puzzle.

Level 14

Be sure to choose the words In, It, and Tin to solve Level 14.

Level 15

For this level go ahead and enter the words And, Sad, and Sand to solve the puzzle.

Level 16

The solution to this puzzle is Up, Cop, Cup, and Coup.

Level 17

Things start to get a little bigger with Level 17. The solution to this level is At, Act, Cat, Fat, and Fact.

Level 18

You’ll be able to solve this level by entering the words Us, Sue, and Use.

Level 19

To solve Level 19, go ahead and enter the words Old, Rod, and Lord.

Level 20

You can solve Level 20 by choosing the words Hid, His, Dish, and Wish.

We’ll be updating this guide constantly with new level solutions, so be sure to check back daily for new information. You should now have a good grasp on how to solve all of the puzzles in Word Connect, so be sure to use the guide above if you get stumped on any future puzzles. You can also check out our Word Connect tips, where we share quite a few helpful tips that should assist you in your journey to solve every puzzle in the game.

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