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Wolfenstein 2 – All Max Toys

by Josh Hawkins

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is chock full of collectibles for players to find, and if you want to find and acquire all 200 of the collectible items in the game, you’re going to need some help. That’s where we come in. Today we’ll show you how to find all of Max’s Toys and collect them in Wolfenstein 2. Some of these items will require you to complete missions in the Enigma Machine, while others can be found throughout the main campaign missions that you take on.

How to Find All of Max’s Toys

There are a total of fifteen of Max’s Toys strewn throughout the various missions and levels in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. We’ll break down their location below in the order that you’d find them as you complete the main campaign mission. We’ll also provide the name of each toy, as well as talk about which area you’ll find it located in. As we stated in our opening, some of these toys will be hidden inside of the Uberkommandant missions, which you can learn more about in our guide on how to use the Enigma Machine.

Max’s Toy #1 – Robot

The first of Max’s Toys can be found during the Manhattan Bunker mission in the Enigma Machine. Once you spawn into the mission, head to the further area of the map from the spawn area. Now check inside of the Basement Level 4 area, where you’ll find the toy tucked behind several crates.

Max’s Toy #2 – Ball

You can find Max’s ball during the Uberkommandant mission that takes place in the Harbor District of Manhattan. The toy is located inside of the same building as the Uberkommandant, on the third floor. Look for the toy in front of a boarded-up window.

Max’s Toy #3 – Airplane

Max’s third toy can be found in a secluded area to the right of the second subway area that you explore during the Manhattan mission. You’ll only be able to enter this area after you unlock the Uberkommandant mission for this level, but once you unlock it, return to the area and check the subway car off in that area to the right to find this toy.

Max’s Toy #4 – Boat

The fourth toy can be found after you unlock the Manhattan: Subway Uberkommandant mission. Once inside of the mission, look for a subway car along the way to the Uberkommandant’s location, and then pass through a small tunnel into the car and grab this item off the floor of the subway car to acquire it.

Max’s Toy #5 – Flying Saucer

The Flying Saucer can be found during the Manhattan: State Building Uberkommandant mission. Head into the basement and look for the toy sitting on the desk behind where you find the Uberkommandant.

Max’s Toy #6 – Baseball Bat

The sixth toy that players can find scattered throughout the missions in Wolfenstein 2 can be found during the Roswell: Downtown Uberkommandant mission. Make your way to the gas station, and then look across the street to spot a store called Klasse Spielzeug. You can smash the window of the shop to gain access to this toy.

Max’s Toy #7 – Tank

The Tank toy can be found after you unlock the Roswell: Downtown Uberkommandant mission. Look inside of Basement Level 3, and you should find a room with several different computer terminals. The tank can be found on a desk next to a computer’s keyboard.

Max’s Toy #8 – Paper Plane

The Paper Plane can be found after you unlock the Mesquite Farmhouse Uberkommandant mission via the Enigma Machine. Once the mission starts, run forward and look for a burning barrel next to a van. You’ll then be able to find this Paper Plane sitting on a table opposite of the van.

Max’s Toy #9 – Minivan

Max’s Minivan toy can be found during the Uberkommandant mission in New Orleans: Ghetto. Look for the toy inside of a bar close to where you can find the Uberkommandant for this mission. Once you have located the bar, search for the Minivan toy on the bar close to the window that looks outside over the street.

Max’s Toy #10 – Sailboat

Max’s Sailboat toy can be found after you unlock the Uberkommandant mission in New Orleans: Wall. You can grab the toyoff of a shelf next to a poster near the computer terminal that you find in the same area as the Uberkommandant.

Max’s Toy #11 – Alligator

The eleventh toy that players need to find for Max can be found during the New Orleans: Bienville Street Uberkommandant mission. Make your way down to Basement Level 1 and then search for a small alcove in the sewers, close to the metal grate. You’ll find this alligator toy near the grate.

Max’s Toy #12 – Rocket

You’ll be able to find Max’s Rocket toy once you unlock and enter the New Orleans: Lakeview Uberkommandant mission. After you exit the sewers, look out for a shop that you can enter using a nearby window. Break open the window, then exit out a window on the other side to find this toy on the ground beside a dumpster outside. It’s easy to miss, so take your time.

Max’s Toy #13 – Car

The toy Car can be found while completing the Venus: Habitat Uberkommandant mission. While exploring the area, search in Room 3 for the toy Car. It’s found on the table just to the left as you enter Room 3 during this particular mission.

Max’s Toy #14 – Laser Gun

The second to last toy can be found inside the control room during the Uberkommandant mission set in Venus: Transporthalle. Look for the toy sitting between two keyboards, just next to a cup of coffee and an ashtray. This is the same room where you find the Uberkommandant during this mission.

Max’s Toy #15 – Zeppelin

The final toy can be found at the very start of Venus: Oberkommando, while completing the Uberkommandant mission in that area. Look off to your right as you start the mission, and you should spot a cart with a crate on it. The Zeppelin toy can be found behind the crate, sitting on the cart. Grab it to finish this collection.

You should now know everything that you need to know to find and collect all of Max’s toys, which have been hidden throughout the campaign and Uberkommandant missions that you’ll explore in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Also, be sure to head back to our Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus guide for even more helpful articles and assistance.