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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Boss Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Geralt of Rivia battles a variety of enemies in The Witcher 3, including Griffins, Wraiths, Ice Trolls and perhaps the most common adversary of all, Drowners. The Wild Hunt bosses, however, pose the greatest challenge. The following three warriors come heavily armored and possess powerful attacks that’ll easily destroy Geralt’s Vitality. You’ll even see these warriors teleport, often behind Geralt for sneak attacks. You certainly don’t want to be on the receiving end of those.

You can mash buttons in the hope of getting lucky and become their newest victim, or follow these tips to defeating the toughest opponents in the game.  Follow our advice and you should have little trouble killing Imlerith, Caranthir and the most fearsome of them all, Eredin, king of the Wild Hunt!

The Witcher 3 Boss Battle with Imlerith

Breaking through Imlerith’s defenses will take time and lots of patience. Not only must you damage his shield long enough to find an opening, but he’ll crush Geralt’s head with a giant mace. Ideally, you must wait until his mace gets stuck in the ground, then go for massive damage. Of course, there’s plenty more to this fight, and Prima’s Imlerith walkthrough provides step-by-step instructions for taking this guy down.

The Witcher 3 Boss Battle with Caranthir

This boss fight lets you play as both Ciri and Geralt; not at the same time. Caranthir is the type of boss who needs minions to gain the advantage. When you switch to Geralt, Caranthir will summon Ice Elementals into the fight while attempting to hit you with magic bolts. To emerge victorious you’ll need to multitask, thinning the number of Ice Elementals to avoid getting overwhelmed while at the same time whittling away Caranthir’s Vitality. Don’t worry. This may sound frustrating, but we’ll help you slaughter the Wild Hunt’s “senior advisor” and move on through the game.

The Witcher 3 Boss Battle with Eredin


The Wild Hunt overlord poses the stiffest challenge of them all. In addition to countering almost every attack Geralt throws at him, Eredin gains new abilities the longer the battle lasts. In particular, a potentially devastating meteor shower and orbs of light appearing near Geralt’s feet that explode shortly afterwards. He also has a nasty habit of creating portals in a desperate attempt to change scenery, forcing you to readjust to new surroundings. This is without question the hardest battle in The Witcher 3, but you’ll slaughter Eredin and learn Ciri’s fate using this guide.

Beating Eredin doesn’t result in 100 percent completion.  You still need to finish all of the Monster Contracts, locate the most powerful Gwent cards, track down every piece of gear and make lots of money using Prima’s The Witcher 3 walkthrough.

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