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The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Expert Survival Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Use Stamina Effectively

This is indicated by a single ring around the Hundred Knight and represents how long you can do perform actions such as attack, dash, and guard. As stamina is used the yellow ring empties but it will recharge automatically when not in use. However, recover of stamina does require Gigacals. Overall it is a simple concept but is a critical part of many gameplay mechanics. The tactical part of stamina is that it is required in many ways; in offence to chain attacks, defense to block, and dash to explore and escape trouble. If you use up this important resource frivolously it will really impact your effectiveness in the field. For example, if you dash all the time you won’t be able to defend for very long if you run into serious trouble. Also, if you block too much it will consume your stamina leaving you too little to perform a decent combo to counter attack. Managing this resource is tricky at first and it will ultimately depend how you like to play. Blocking may be important in some situations but you are generally better off using the quick dodge to escape and possibly trigger a Mystical Dodge. As a general rule, try to reserve your stamina to unleash big combo chains. Use the philosophy that the best defense is a good offense.

Mystery Chests

There are three types of chest that appear in the field and each is more rare than the last. The Wood Chest is rather common and will likewise contain common consumable items such as Weed Gum. Each time you enter the field these chest will be restocked. Silver Chests are a lot harder to come by and they contain more valuable weapons, protectors, or accessories. Like their wooden counterparts the Silver Chests will also replenish each time you visit an area. The fact that these two chests will renew their treasures is a good incentive to revisit areas that have several in close proximity. Performing a few treasure runs can top off your healing supplies as well as provide an opportunity to get some good gear. The most exclusive treasure is the Back Box. These are unique treasures that can only be opened once but they will appear on the map as open or shut once you get close enough. They contain a variety of good items but some even have a Tochka which makes them extremely valuable.

Tochka Tricks

These eight handy helpers can assist you in exploration as well as combat. They are acquired throughout the game so make sure to open all the Black Boxes on each map. They have a lot of important uses and the more you use them the more you will appreciate their assistance.

Some are critical for getting past obstacles like blowing up huge boulders and hitting switches that are off in the distance. If you are stuck on a level they should be your first through in terms of trying to make progress.

Remember that they can be used in anytime in the field to create decoys, bomb enemies, build turrets, scout out the map, and even summon minion helpers.

Where these little guys really shine is during boss battles as they add an extra form of attack or distraction.

They can be powered up at the Pillars using the Physical Revelation menu.

Utilize their trap ability to capture weakened enemies and gain special items. Try to trap each enemy, except dark witches, and you might be surprised at what they leave behind.

Tochka will remain active as long as you have stamina and many can be brought in at the same time to combine their effectiveness.


These are essentially the versions of the Hundred Knight that you play and their stats and levels represent your current abilities. Facets can be switched out and acquired at Metallia’s house. It is important to note that the one chosen as the main Facet will determine your weapons and armor proficiency while sub Facets will still lend all their skills at full power. Also, the main Facet will receive 100% experience when leaving an area while the sub Facets only get 33%. The Facets skills make them useful in different situations and it is a good idea to change them when needed. For example, a boost in stamina or Anima drop rate is excellent for exploring but it might be better to switch it out for offense or defensive skills when tackling a boss.

Gigacalorie Management

Gigacals are what the Hundred Knight uses to function away from Metallia’s swap. The blue flame on its head is a constant reminder that it is bound to its world through Metallia’s magic and it can only be away from her side for short periods of time. These will deplete in the field and any action will increase the rate in which they are consumed. If Gigacals are fully depleted your HP will start to drain and eventually force you to “give up” and return to Metallia’s swamp. Also, running out of Gigacals will place the Hundred Knight in a weakened state reducing both attack and defense by 30%. Obviously, it is crucial to manage this resource by monitoring its depleting and using methods to restore it. T


The most commons way to restore your Gigacals is at the Pillars using the Physical Revelation points. The grade points are somewhat hard to come by but Gigacals are probably the best use as your shouldn’t need to worry about health if your equipped properly and the bonus items are easy to come by if you can stay in the field long enough.

When an enemy has lost all but 20% of its health it can be consumed if you are locked onto that target. This will prompt a mini game where you can tap a button to regain some Gigacals. However, this maneuver will fill up your Stomach Stock with garbage and can’t be performed when full. It is usually better to finish off enemies to gain experience but in a bind this can be a life saver.

The simplest option to keep those Gigacals topped off is to use an item. However, these are pretty scarce and are best saved for a truly desperate situation like a long boss battle.


Normal exploration in the field will use Gigacals but at a relatively slow rate. However if the Hundred Knight is injured it will burn through those calories a lot faster until its HP is restored. HP items are not difficult to aquire and you can hold more of them than Gigacal replenishers.

In desperate situation you can use Self Recovery by holding down L3 to rapidly burn up Gigacals and quickly restore its health.

Chaos Revelation can be used by pressing the L1 and ∆ buttons. This greatly raises attack power, defense, and AP, but Gigacals deplete at a faster rate during chaos revelation. Once it is activated, Chaos revelation cannot be reversed until your Gigacals have been depleted. This is should be reserved for bosses and is often a great way to finish them off when they are close to death.


Most RPGs require some amount of manual leveling-up commonly referred to as grinding. This game auto levels with you but there is still a range of minimum to maximum stats that enemies will have in each area. Grinding shouldn’t be necessary for the most part but if you find an area is simply too challenging, and you have accounted for obvious issues, it can’t hurt to level up those Facets. Keep in mind that only the main Facet earns 100% of the experience and it can be a wise investment to alternate your core group of Facets to keep them at the top of your game. The important thing about grinding is to locate large groups of enemies to yield the most experience in the shortest time. This also means picking the highest level of foe you can handle (low level enemies are not worth the time it takes to wipe them out). Also, later in the game make sure to go to Metallia’s house and use the “Stronger Enemies” option to grind on foes at the highest level you can handle.

Weapons of Choice

Even though this is an action orientated RPG there are a lot of tactics to keep in mind if you want to excel at the game. If it seems overly difficult chances are you are simply not optimizing your gear and making it a lot harder than it needs to be. There are several factors to fight effectively and make it a lot more enjoyable to smash monsters.

Magic Die-chain System

Each weapon has in icon with a specific number of dots ranging from one to five. It won’t take long to figure out that you need to place your weapons in acceding order to chain attacks together. Chaining attacks is a very important feature explained later but the tricky thing is that the die-chain system can be used in a less than obvious way. In a straightforward sense you will want to place weapons with die in the following order 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. However, the order rolls over after five and goes back to 1, so the full string is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3 etc. This means there are a ton of options to place weapons because you can start anywhere in this chain as long as you continue the sequence.

Chain Combos

There is a reason why you have five weapons slots and it is not simply to load up on high damage weapons. The goal is to use a variety of weapons that have different properties so you can hit enemies with a combo of different types of damage. The boost in reaction time from a combo is great but being able to cycle though many different weapons in a combo can make it a lot easier to tackle numerous kinds of foes

Weapon Properties

Each weapon has a specific property that determines the kind of damage such as magic, blunt, or slash. Many weapons of different kinds can have these properties and it is important to know what kind of damage it actually does. Using the wrong kind of weapon on an enemy can make it very difficult to defeat. The biggest clue you will get is that during combat you will see a message stating how effective or ineffective the weapons are. If you notice a lot of messages stating VERY INEFFECTIVE it is time to switch your gear! While damage is the first priority, be prepared to change your weapons based on how effective they are not simply the highest amount of damage. Some enemies and bosses are only weak to one type of weapon property and even a long chain of mismatched weapons won’t do very much to defeat them.

Weapon Categories

There are several categories of weapons and each has its advantages and drawbacks. These are listed below but choosing the right weapons has more to do with their damage properties than their type. The real exception is the staff which is the only projectile based weapon. These magic based weapons come in three types one that alters enemy conditions, another does close range magic attacks, and the third fires a trio of homing fireballs. Staffs do a lot less damage than other weapons and their slow attack rate can make them tough to chain. Yet, these are the only real ranged weapons and they are very effective for softening up foes from a distance. The best use of a staff is in the first position to allow you to fire off a magic blast from a distance and close the gap to chain a combo.

Hammer – Highest attack but narrow range and slow attack rate

Sword – A balanced weapons that is mostly slash type but can have blunt or magic properties

Lance – High attack power but needs to be locked onto enemies due to its range

Spear – Low attack power but can hit multiple enemies from afar

Staff – Low damage magic based weapon that can shoot projectiles

Help I’m Stuck

There are a few tricky items to find but the game is very good about telling you what area to search for things. Anytime you go to the world map it will highlight the area you need to go to. If you pay attention to the characters dialogue, and yes there is a lot of it, they give you pretty good clues. In general, if you get stuck on a level, look for a switch. These come in many type from levels to the pulled, red ground targets that need one or more items placed on them, or small lantern switches that need to be hit with a projectile like the homing staff or Tochka ability. Here are a few tips if you are having trouble early on.

Bomb all giant boulders with the Tochka ability.

Move the camera to look for lantern switches on floating platforms. Lock onto them to make sure you can hit it.

Butterfly Powder – Get this from the pair of Korigon at St Dulche or buy it from the nearby shop.

Water – Raid a house in the desert to receive this item.

Cock Frighter – In Wudes Forest after running into Arlecchino, go to the end of the stage where you fought the boss.

This Game is too Tough

The are many tactics to make the game a lot easier to play, as mentioned below. Still, if difficulty of the game is taking away from your enjoyment, head to Metallia’s swamp near the shop and talk to a Lamptree. It will offer to set the game on Casual which will make it a lot easier. There is no penalty for playing in this mode but don’t deny yourself the challenge unless you really become frustrated.

Become a better Witch and the Hundred Knight player with these 50 Tips to Help you Play Better.


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