Will Skull and Bones Be on Steam?

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Skull and Bones
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When a PC game generates enough interest in the gaming community, questions arise about its availability on various platforms such as Steam. The upcoming release of Skull and Bones has also sparked a similar discussion.

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Is Skull and Bones Coming to Steam?

I’ve got bad news for you: Skull and Bones will not be available on Steam on release.

Skull and Bones will be only available on Ubisoft and Epic when arrives on PC. Luckily, this exclusivity issue doesn’t exist for consoles since the game will be on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. However, SteamDB proves that Skull and Bones was initially supposed to release on Steam too, but it was pulled out before the open beta.

So, what’s the deal with Skull and Bones not coming to Steam, or in pirate language, the sudden change of the ship’s course?

Why Isn’t Skull and Bones on Steam?

We can only assume that Skull and Bones has an exclusivity deal with Epic Games Store, allowing them to keep the game on their native store as well. While Ubisoft games are usually available on Steam, regardless of whether you need to have Ubisoft Connect to play despite buying them on Steam (Rainbow Six: Siege being the prime example), this won’t be the case with Skull and Bones.

Usually, these exclusivity deals last for a year or two, and then the games eventually make their way to Steam.

Will Skull and Bones be Available on Steam in the Future?

We can’t confirm whether Skull and Bones will be available on Steam in the future or not. You’ll need to wait for an official announcement from Ubisoft or the team behind Skull and Bones. Nothing is guaranteed in the future, especially when you choose the pirate life!

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