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Which Javelin to Choose in Anthem

by Prima Games Staff

Javelin mechs are the heart of Anthem, letting you fly through the air and gun down aliens in a satisfying manner. At the beginning of the game you’ll be shown the ropes with the Ranger class, but beyond that you’ll be able to pick a Javelin in Anthem to keep as your own. There are four classes to choose from, and you won’t know how each works yet. To help you decide which Javelin to pick in Anthem, as well as which suit fits you best, this article will give you the lay of the land for each Javelin type so you know who to choose.

Which Javelin to Choose

Much like in RPGs, MMOs and other class-based games, the Javelin you should use is entirely down to preference. You’ll get the chance to unlock the other chassis down the line, but you should make the most out of your early hours so below we’ll run you through the details for each.


The Ranger is your classic all-rounder class, capable of decent movement and firepower. It’s as about as standard a class as you can get with flying robot suits, making use of grenades and missiles in addition to guns. If you don’t want to specialize, choose the Ranger.


The Colossus is your tank class. Visibly bigger and tougher than the other suits, it has strong shields that’ll make it nigh-on impossible to take down while moving around. While its shield doesn’t recharge, the Colossus has much more health and a physical shield, too. The extra protection means it’s one of the best classes to get up close and personal with. As you might expect, this increased toughness comes at the price of movement speed, making the Colossus the slowest moving Javelin. It’s also unable to dodge and will overheat faster when flying.


The Interceptor is a nippy melee class, built around high damage and maneuverability. It’s not nearly as tough as the Colossus but still excels up close with your enemies. The Interceptor is made to dash through the battlefield, flitting in and out of combat. If you like melee combat with an extra dose of style, the Interceptor may be right up your street.


The final Javelin, Storm, is effectively Anthem’s mage class. Built to sit at distance, Storm lays down strikes of elemental damage. With no armor it’s one of the weakest Javelins out there, but is capable of extreme damage from long distances. Storm can hover for a lot longer than any of the other Javelins, allowing you to stay out of range of retaliation while you dish out attacks from above. If you like landing strikes from afar while your friends do the dirty work, Storm is the Javelin for you.

Overall, every one of Anthem’s Javelins is an equally valid choice, but you’ll want to pick the one that best suits your preferred style of combat for your first suit. Don’t forget that it won’t be too long before you can unlock the others, so don’t fret too much if you don’t like your initial pick.

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