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Where to Use the Yum Yum Burger Key in DMZ

Stop in for a bite.

by Daniel Wenerowicz

Some of the keys in the Call of Duty DMZ mode have specific points of interest assigned to them, but most of them are tied to smaller locations that are not marked on the map. The Yum Yum Burger Back Room Key is one of those items that can be tough to pin down if you do not know where to look.

Yum Yum Burger is the current version of Burger Town in Modern Warfare 2, and you can even find billboards for the business around Al Mazrah, which is the only extraction zone that features the main building. Once you know where to look, you will not forget the location though, and I have it marked for you below.

COD DMZ – Where to Find the Yum Yum Burger Back Room

To find the Yum Yum Burger Back Room in Al Mazrah, you have to make your way to Al-Mazrah City, which is the largest point of interest on the map. Not only are there tons of high-rise buildings in the city, but you should also expect plenty of danger in the form of Operators and AI. Yum Yum Burger happens to be right next to the largest building of them all.

If you look at the center of the city on the map, you can see the Highrise building from MW2 2009. It is one of the largest buildings in Al Mazra, so it is hard to miss. Look directly to the east of Highrise, and you can see a small building, which happens to be the Yum Yum Burger in COD DMZ.

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As long as you have a Yum Yum Burger Back Room Key, you can easily access all the loot inside the fast food restaurant. For those who do not feel like waiting for a specific key, there is always the option of crafting a Skeleton Key in COD DMZ. They can be tough to craft but I stack them up myself so I can open locks when I need to.

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