Where to Find Ytterbium in Starfield

How do you even pronounce this?

Starfield Ytterbium
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Did you know there are almost 50 unique resources in Starfield? They have strange names like Europium, Neodymium, and Ytterbium. It’s the last one that causes so many headaches, though. Seriously, where do you find Ytterbium in Starfield? You need it for crafting and outpost construction, so let’s track down this rare material once and for all!

Where to Get Ytterbium in Starfield

You will find Ytterbium on several planets, including Maheo II; some barren and others not, scattered about the rocky outcroppings. It’s also possible to buy Ytterbium from several vendors.

PlanetStar System
Alchiba V-aAlchiba
Archimedes V-aArchimedes
Bardeen I-aBardeen
Bradbury IBradbury
Celebrai ICelebrai
Denobola III-aDenobola
Fermi XFermi
Hawking IV-aHawking
Indum III-bIndum
Indum V-aIndum
Kang IKang
Kang IV-bKang
Kang VIII-cKang
Katydid I-aKatydid
Khayyam III-bKhayyam
Leonis VIII-cLeonis
Leviathan IVLeviathan
Linnaeus IV-bLinnaeus
Maal IMaal
Maheo IIMaheo
Masada IIIMasada
Muphrid III-aMuphrid
Nemeria VI-bNemeria
Rasalhague IRasalhague
Rana III-aRana
Shoza I-aShoza
Syrma VI-cSyrma
Tau Ceti VTau Ceti
Tidacha I-cTidacha
VoltDelta Pavonis
Xi Ophiuchi IIIXi Ophiuchi
Xi Ophiuchi V-aXi Ophiuchi
Zeta Ophiuchi IZeta Ophiuchi

If you don’t feel like exploring the many planets listed here, you can always visit one of the following merchants to buy Ytterbium in Starfield:

  • Jemison Mercantile, New Atlantis.
  • Mining League, Neon.
  • Midtown Mineralson, Akila City.

What is Ytterbium Used For in Starfield?

Ytterbium has numerous uses, specifically within the Research Lab and Weapon Workbench, including:

Research Lab

  • Receiver Mods 1

Weapon Workbench

  • Overclocked – Internal Mod
  • Shock Charge Band – Internal Mod
  • Ignition Beams – Magazine Mod
  • Double Barrel Muzzle – Muzzle Mod
  • Shock Charge Band – Muzzle Mod
  • Binary Trigger – Optic Mod
  • Binary Trigger – Receiver Mod
  • Burst Fire – Receiver Mod

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