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Where to Find the Spaceship in Fortnite

by Morgan Shaver

In Fortnite, there are a number of activities you can do to earn XP, including finding a Spaceship, finding all three missing parts, reassembling it, and then launching it.

If you do all of these things, you’ll earn up to 25,000 XP! 

Where to Find the Spaceship in Fortnite

The first question Fortnite players have is where to find the Spaceship. As seen in the map image above, the Spaceship can be found on a small island near Craggy Cliffs.

When you land near the Spaceship for the first time, you’ll see a pop-up saying “Found Ancient Ship” and once you see that, you can begin collecting the three missing parts. 

The first missing part is the Battery Pack. This part is the closest one to the Spaceship which is nice as you won’t have to look too far.

To find the Battery Pack, all you need to do is break the rock and then wade out into the shallow water a few steps. Look down and you’ll find the first missing part.

Take the missing part back over to the Spaceship, install it, and then continue searching for the rest of the missing parts.

The second missing part is the Head Shield which you can find by swimming across to the shore, heading to the left, and looking next to a set of rocks.

Note that you won’t have to break these rocks to find the part, just walk around until you spot it. When you collect it, return to the Spaceship again and install it.

The third and final missing part is the Thruster which can be seen embedded in the steep cliff nearby.

To reach this missing part, you’re going to need to build a ramp up towards it. Once you collect and install the final missing part, you’ll be able to launch it. 

The launch process will take a bit of time. You can see the countdown above the ship. You can be shot and eliminated while waiting for the Spaceship to launch so be wary of nearby players.

Once the Spaceship launches, you’ll be launched in the air and can land wherever you like and continue your match as normal.

By finding the Spaceship, finding and installing all three missing parts, and launching the Spaceship once it’s complete, you’ll earn 25,000 XP.

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