Super Mario Maker 2 is now available, giving dedicated Nintendo fans a chance to show off their creativity and share that inspiration with others. With so many tools available right at launch, it's easy to dive right in and get started. That being said, there are two secret powerups available for those that know where to look. 

Powerups in Super Mario Maker 2 must be unlocked, and aren't available as soon as the game fires up. In order to unlock this feature, playing through the game's story mode is a must, though don't worry - it's not super long and won't take forever to get through if all you're after are those beloved powerups. 

Once completed, players can head to the Course World feature and there they will find two new Powerups to use: The Super Hammer and the Superball Flower. So how does one use these two features, you might be asking? Let's break it down

Superball Flower: 

  • Add a Fire Flower in the Super Mario Bros. theme. 
  • Select the Fire Flower and then open the sub-menu where you'll find the powerup.
  • This transforms Mario into Mario Land style from the Game Boy, giving a much more classic feel to the game.

Super Hammer: 

  • Only usable in the Super Mario 3D World theme
  • Transforms Mario into Builder Mario from the Super Mario Maker's marketing.

And there you have it! Even more tools in that creative tool belt!

Super Mario Maker 2 is available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Enjoy!