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Where to Find Every Atlus Skew In Destiny 2 For Tracing The Stars III

by Jesse Vitelli

Another weekly reset in Destiny 2 means that we have another week of finding the Atlas Skews for the Tracing The Stars questline. Here is how to find all of this week’s Atlas Skews.

Where to Find Every Atlas Skew In Destiny 2 For Tracing The Stars III


Temple Overlook

The First Atlas Skew you’re going to need to find is the Temple Overlook Skew. This can be found by going straight once you get in Rhelsilvia. Go straight and you’ll see a small rock formation and the Atlus Skew sitting on top, grab it and let’s move on to the next one.

Secluded Statue

This Atlas Skew is a little trickier to find. From the first Skew, head to the entrance of the temple but don’t go inside. From here hop up on the right side of the rocks and continue hopping along. You’ll see a big statue on the other side of the chasm. Jump to it and use the jutting out rocks on the mountain to climb your way up and find the next Atlas Skew.

Lower Level

From here, you want to go to the right of the statue and hop across the very small rock formations to the right. (not the way you came in). Follow this path until you get back on to the mainland. You’ll notice a door that is blocked off by some darkness, but if you go around the building on the left-hand side you’ll find the entrance into this little area. 


Go through the building and come out the other side and you can find the third Atlas Skew across a small jump by a cave opening.

Harbinger Sidehall Statue

You’ll find this Atlas Skew inside of Harbinger’s Seclude. Follow the path until you come to a giant open room with some enemies. Here you’ll see a big chamber on your right side (also marked by a giant gazebo on top). Duck inside here to find the Sidehall Statue Skew.

Harbinger’s Ahamkara Skulls

This is the last Atlas Skew you’ll need for the week but also one of the trickier ones to find. After grabbing the Sidehall Statue Skew head back into the big room and go through the big doors (not the ones you came through) from here follow the path and when you get to the next big room look left to find a small outcropping with a giant deep hole. Drop down the hole to find the final Atlas Skew for this week. 

Well, that’s all of the Atlas Skews you’ll need for the Tracing The Stars III. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Prima Games and Twitter and Facebook pages.


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