If you’re looking to complete all of the Week 10 Challenges before the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, you may find yourself wondering where to find Apres Ski, or the dance floor at Apres Ski that you need to dance on for 10 seconds.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a guide that’ll show you exactly where you need to go to dance on the Apres Ski dance floor for 10 seconds in Fortnite! 

Where is the Apres Ski Dance Floor in Fortnite? 

To complete the Fortnite Week 10 Challenge of dancing on the Apres Ski dance floor for 10 seconds, you’re going to first need to know where to find Apres Ski in Fortnite.

To reach Apres Ski, you’ll need to look for a small, snowy mountaintop to the south of Misty Meadows.

In the map image above, we’ve circled which mountaintop you’ll be able to find Apres Ski on. Once you’ve arrived at Apres Ski, your next task will be locating the dance floor.

To find the dance floor at Apres Ski, head up the stairs at the front of the building and make your way to the back of the room.

There, you’ll see a small dance floor area. This is where you’ll need to dance for 10 seconds. If you’re alone, this Challenge is really easy to complete.

If other players land at Apres Ski, you’ll need to fend them off until it’s safe to dance for the full 10 seconds. 

Apres Ski has a basement level, so if you want the element of surprise, you can enter a metal door beneath the front stairs at Apres Ski and enter from the basement up.

You can also land on the roof of Apres Ski and work your way down to fight off any rival players.

Near Apres Ski, you’ll find a purple XP token. If you’ve been hunting for those, it’s a nice little freebie to pick up before venturing off to do other things.

Again, once you’ve danced on the Apres Ski dance floor for 10 seconds, you’ll have successfully completed one of your Week 10 Challenges and can work on other Challenges, like destroying shipping containers at Dirty Docks.

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