When Will the Zombie Doctor Mercy Skin Release in Overwatch 2? – Answered

She's great at brain surgery

If there’s one thing that Mercy Mains love, it’s a Pink Mercy skin. And with the Zombie Doctor cosmetic, Mercy Mains will finally get that dark twist to an otherwise saccharine color-palette. But when will Zombie Doctor Mercy be coming to Overwatch 2? Here’s your question answered.

When Will Mercy’s Zombie Doctor Skin Be in Overwatch 2? – Answered

In the first week of October, teasers of Overwatch 2’s Halloween cosmetics were posted on Twitter and in an official trailer on YouTube. Players who love Mercy were quick to identify Mercy’s new cosmetic, the Zombie Doctor. And while many of the Halloween cosmetics were released on October 10, Zombie Doctor Mercy is nowhere to be seen.

Update: We can only hope that Zombie Mercy will come out November 9.

Yes, somehow we’ve made it all the way through October and Zombie Mercy still isn’t released. It’s possible that this cosmetic was pushed back because of the LE SSERAFIM collaboration, which has dominated the shop. There’s no official word for when it or Ducky Orisa will finally see the light of day.

Hold out, Mercy Mains. You’ll get those pink undead wings yet.

Zombie Doctor Mercy is one of several shop-exclusive cosmetics, which will likely have a staggered release. She’ll likely be released the same day as Reinhardt’s Diablo-inspired cosmetic.

Trailers note this cosmetic as a Halloween skin, so it’s likely Zombie Doctor Mercy will be released before then.

Additionally, Mercy will likely be in a shop-bundle. We’ve seen a pink syringe charm in trailers as well, which lends credence to these rumors. But if the Zombie Doctor Mercy is a stand alone epic skin, players can expect to pay 1,000 Overwatch Coins, or around $10.00 USD.

But this is significantly cheaper than the cost of the new Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle for Overwatch 2’s Season 7, which carries the price tag of 4,000 Overwatch Coins, or $40.00 USD. But this Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle is the only way to get the much-coveted Lillith Moira cosmetic.

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