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​​When is Project Bloom Coming Out? – Answered

There’s every reason to be excited for what’s to come.

by Ashley Anthony
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What is Project Bloom? Is it a new Pokemon title, or is it something completely separate from the popular game series? Is it a surprise video game being launched sooner or later? When is it coming out, exactly?

In this post, Prima Games will discuss all of the above and what this new undertaking by a couple of the world’s most renowned developers entails in these early days of the initial news drop of its coming. Here’s when Project Bloom is coming out.

What’s Project Bloom?

Project Bloom is a new game title being worked on by the Pokemon developers Game Freak, and Private Division, known for several popular titles and collaborations. Besides all the mystery surrounding the game, Project Bloom will be an action-adventure IP.

Private Vision - Game Freak Collaboration
Partnership between Private Division & Game Freak Announced: Project Bloom (Screenshot: Private Division)

Is Project Bloom a Pokemon Game?

No, Project Bloom is not a Pokemon game, but if it were, it would have arguably been one of the most anticipated games between now and the release. The game will be entirely out of the norm for Game Freak, hence why they’ve partnered with Take-Two Interactive label Private Division and the emphasis on it being an action-adventure IP series. 

Private Divison and Game Freak Collab for Project Bloom
Project Bloom Concept Art (Screenshot: Private Division)

When Can We Expect Project Bloom to Release?

As of now and following the news that Game Freak and Private Division will be collaborating on this one, all we know is that Project Bloom is in the early stages of development and that 2026 is the benchmark for a release date. There have been no talks of what platforms the game will be released on, what characters and casts to expect, specs of the game, nothing.

All we got from them was: a forest, a Samurai, and a brief explanation of how excited they are to work together on this assignment. However, how you know something is enormously intriguing is when the first piece of concept art overly excites you.

As the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Such is the concept art shared with us by Private Division of Project Bloom.

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