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September couldn’t be here sooner. With the imminent release of Starfield happening on September 6th, everyone is eager to find out what Bethesda is cooking with their new, original IP in a promising setting. And some would love to discover that a little bit earlier. Well, that’s why we have Early Access! But when will it happen?

When Does The Early Access For Starfield Begins?

Early Access will be available on September 1st, five whole days before the game’s official release. If you’re considering gazing at the stars a few days before everyone else, you better start your pre-download soon, as this game’s files are completely massive.

In order to actually get your Early Access to Starfield, you’ll need to pre-order any of the game’s special versions. Either the Digital Premium Edition, Premium Edition Upgrade, or the Constellation Edition will work for that, as they all offer a 5-day Early Access period and various other bonuses, such as exclusive items, art books, and more.

As a side note, Bethesda informed us that the actual release time might differ depending on your region, so don’t be mad if you see others being able to traverse the stars a few hours ahead of you.

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But if you’re not interested in those or are just too skeptical to pre-order a game these days (you probably have your reasons, I get you), you can also try it out properly at release through your Xbox Game Pass membership. The game will be available through the service on September 6, 2023, and Game Pass folks can also preload it too!

Regardless of buying it or not, this is one of the most anticipated games in a year already full of bangers. All that’s left to see is if Starfield will live up to its tremendous hype next month, even with its graphical limitations

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