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When is the New God in SMITE Ix Chel Coming Out? SMITE 2023 Roadmap Update

A new healer Goddess after the massive nerf to healers?

by Nikola L

Ix Chel is a Mayan jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine. Everyone is wondering about which class will Ix Chel be in SMITE when she gets released. After watching the SMITE Season of Hope Cinematic Trailer which announces Ix Chel’s arrival, and keeping in mind her (folk)lore in Mayan mythology, we could only assume that Ix Chel will be a Healer. By the looks of it, it appears that there is a high chance that Ix Chel will be a Guardian Healer (something like Sylvanus, let’s say) or… Warrior Healer, perhaps, something like Guan Yu? Zero chance that Ix Chel will be a Hunter or an Assassin, and a very low chance that Ix Chel will be a Mage.

When Will Ix Chel Be Released In SMITE? Everything We Know

Hi-Rez was pretty vague on Ix Chel’s release date so we do not know exactly when Ix Chel will be released in SMITE. However, everything we know is that Ix Chel is coming during April, with the 10.4 Patch. We recommend that you follow Prima Games (and bookmark our SMITE tag which is below this article) since we’ll be doing reports on Ix Chel as more information pours in, and of course, official channels of information.

At any rate, we are providing you with an updated Roadmap for SMITE in 2023. Not much is revealed, and most of the events have already passed. If you missed the 10.3 Patch Notes, you may check the article here:

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Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Apart from the new Goddess Ix Chel, we will be getting a New Content Event, and more Balance Updates in May. We should also keep a reasonable expectation that a new balance patch will come in April as well. The reason behind this is the nuclear shake to the current meta with the balance patch that has already been announced and is going to be live in just a matter of days. Nobody with confidence knows what will happen, so it’s possible that Hi-Rez Studios’ team for balancing has made several overlooks (it’s realistically impossible to nail a 100% perfect balance just by putting changes on paper) but we are sure that everything will be better-tuned once a big deal of matches gets played out in all game modes under the new changes.

All in all, we hope that Hi-Rez will manage to put SMITE on a good track so that the player base finally goes on a steady growth path and that we’ll enjoy the Battle of Gods for years to come. See you soon!

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