When is Reverse: 1999 Coming Out? – Answered

The Storm is Coming

Vertin and Sonetto from Reverse 1999
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No one knows just what occurred in the year 1999, but ever since, there’s been a whirl of strange occurrences happening. Historic events repeat themselves, and it’s up to you to figure out the mystery behind the new mobile game, Reverse: 1999. Here’s when Reverse: 1999 is coming out.

When is the Release Date for Reverse: 1999? – Answered

Reverse: 1999 will officially release on October 26, 7:00 (UTC -5). This game is meant to be a turn-based strategy RPG game with a new flair for using cards to conduct teams of characters into battle. Since it is turn-based, standard RPG rules apply but by mixing and combining cards in a party’s lineup, spells can become stronger with beautifully rendered 2D art and animations to depict these attacks.

This game will also feature gacha-based mechanics since there are already plenty of unique characters to come across at all times and places. You can have anyone from a radio speaker with a knack for rock and roll or a literal pair of gauntlets equipped with a sword that just floats. Since Reverse: 1999 is a game where the story is about time acting in reverse, there are all sorts of personalities and occupations to come across that’ll reflect in the range of unique roles that you can take into battle.

The game will be released with a Prologue and Four Story Chapters to start off with more to update in the future. Reverse: 1999 will have Challenges such as the Trail to execute harder stages for more rewards, End Game content in the form of the Limbo Challenge that players can attempt to get extra rewards and will reset every couple of weeks. There is also the Wilderness, which players can build up and expand on, place characters there to build up a Bond, and possibly trigger special events to learn more about the cast. As a Gacha game, there will be a limited-running banner for exclusive characters such as Regulas, a Battlepass for players that includes a free path, and a paid-for path that will yield additional materials for leveling up characters and more. 

What is Reverse: 1999? – Answered

Following the story of Vertin, we will experience the strange phenomenon of historic events happening in reverse order in 1999. Much more chaotic and displaced, these moments cannot affect Vertin who is aware of the anomalies at play and works as the Timekeeper, the only one who will not be affected by the “Storm” that looms once time comes to a stop. 

To stop the “Storm” and restore order, Vertin must travel across different times and eras to pick out particular “Arcanists” who will not only be safe from the storm but will be essential in aiding in her mission. These characters will be met throughout the story as well as through the gacha role in this game so you can learn more about their background and their place among Vertin’s side, such as Regulus, Sotheby, and Sonetto. 

By gathering a band of characters and creatures alike in this topsy-turvy world, perhaps the Timekeepers can restore order and find out just what happened in 1999. Don’t stand by wondering and be sure to join in on the livestream that will be occurring just 24 hours before the game’s release date. So you don’t ever miss out on what’s happening in Reverse: 1999, be sure to check out their Official YouTube channel where you can catch up on their characters and livestreams detailing early game knowledge before each update.

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