When is New Game Plus Coming to Spider-Man 2? – Answered

Everything we know about new game plus in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has become one of the year’s most critically acclaimed games thanks to its deep features and impressive gameplay, but unfortunately lacks new game plus. Here is everything we know about when new game plus will swing its way into Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

New Game Plus Release Window in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

According to Insomniac Games, new game plus will arrive in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 before the end of the year. Per James Stevenson, the director of community and marketing at Insomniac Games, the new game plus mode will arrive before the new year. When asked on X (formerly known as Twitter), when new game plus will appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Stevenson wrote “Should be before end of year.”

Even though we will have to wait just a little longer to experience new game plus, it is exciting to know that the mode will be arriving prior to the end of 2023 from a verified source.

New Game Plus Release Date Estimate for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Despite the fact that we don’t have an exact new game plus release date yet, looking back at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 gives some clues on when we could see the mode featured in the newly released sequel. While Marvel’s Spider-Man launched on September 7, 2018, the game did not receive a new game plus mode until mid-October of the same year. Extrapolating this same timeline to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 means we could see new game plus added in late November to early December of 2023. However, this is speculation and has not been confirmed yet.

To recap, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s new game plus mode will arrive before the end of the year, and could potentially be seen in late November to early December 2023 if it follows the same window as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018.

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