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When is Forge Coming to Halo: Reach on PC?

by Nicholas Barth

The fan-favorite title of Halo: Reach is receiving a ton of love lately thanks to the game now being available as a part of the Master Chief Collection on PC and Xbox One. Plenty of players have already been diving back into the exciting action of the prequel title they remember from close to a decade before. However, many players have bee curious about when the popular game mode of Forge will be added to the newly released game. Fortunately, we have all of the currently known information about when Forge will be making a return covered. 

When is Forge Coming to Halo: Reach? 

An exact release date for Forge in the newest entry to the Master Chief Collection has not yet been revealed. Luckily, the official Halo website has stated that the creative game mode will be added to the title sometime next year. This release date window means the community will once again be able to create their maps, game modes, and more in the game that sets up the story of the entire legendary first-person shooter franchise. It is important to note that this is only for the PC version of the MCC. Forge, and Theather mode was added to the Xbox One version on December 3rd. 

There is no doubt that the PC community is sure to see a plethora of amazing creations come from players when the popular game mode is finally added to the MCC’s newest member. 

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