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When will more armors arrive?

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The in-game shop for Diablo 4 doesn’t have too many items to offer just yet, especially because the game is still fresh, but the list of items is frequently growing. To help you stay on top of the latest cosmetics available for purchase, I’ll go over when the shop will refresh for all players.

Diablo 4 – When Does the Shop Refresh?

The Diablo 4 shop will refresh every day at 1 PM ET or 10 AM PT. This refresh is applied globally, so every player can expect to see new items at the same time. Resets like this are normal for live-service games, like Fortnite for example, and it also lines up with how the store works in Call of Duty as well.

Considering Activision owns Call of Duty as well, having the Shop refresh at the same time makes sense. Unlike other games, these times don’t tend to fluctuate along with the change of seasons, but that isn’t a guarantee. For the time being, 1 PM ET or 10 AM PT are the standard reset times.

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Once the shop does refresh, there will typically be at least one new cosmetic item in the “Recommended for You” section at the top. Fresh armor sets and horse cosmetics tend to be the most common appearances in this tab, but there have also been accessories.

The prices of the items also vary heavily. Cosmetics with white borders, often called armor, tend to be around the $15 range. Items with gold borders, that are labeled as equipment, can go near the $30 mark when all is said and done. These aren’t cheap, so make sure the cosmetics are really what you want. This is even more important to think about with a fresh seasonal reset on the way.

If you do buy a new set of armor, check out our guide on how to equip cosmetics in Diablo 4 so those threads don’t go to waste.

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