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When Does Season 9 End in League of Legends?

by Nicholas Barth

There is no denying that League of Legends is arguably the most popular multiplayer game in the world. A highly successful esports scene that covers the entire globe and a player base in the millions means there are plenty of players looking to prove their skills every competitive period. Season 9 is the current competitive period League of Legends is in the midst of, and many players are curious as to when it will end. 

Are you interested in learning about when League of Legends Season 9 will end? If so, be sure to check out everything you need to know about the end of League of Legends Season 9 below.

When Does Season 9 End in League of Legends?

Players will no longer have the ability to compete in the current competitive period when it ends on Tuesday, November 19th. This ending date was confirmed by Riot Games designer Jonathan “RiotIAmWalrus” Moorman in a feature from the development company highlighting various details about the future of the title. 

When Does Season 9 End in League of Legends

This end date means players have a month from today to achieve all of their goals for Season 9 before they are no longer able to do. There is also a possibility Riot Games could change this date in the coming weeks. We will update this article with any new information regarding any changes to the end date of League of Legends Season 9, if any, is announced by Riot Games. 

We here at Prima Games wish you the best of luck in having success in your League of legends matches before the end of Season 9 arrives. Let us know how the rest of this competitive period goes for you over on Facebook and Twitter! Are you looking for more coverage of the popular MOBA? Check out our dedicated hub for the high-profile PC game. 

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