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When Does Halo Wars 2 Take Place?

by Josh Hawkins

Halo Wars 2 is just around the corner and fans are starting to prepare for the upcoming real-time strategy game. Many fans have been wondering, though, when Halo Wars 2 takes place and how the main Halo story fits into the Halo Wars 2 timeline. In this article we’ll discuss when the upcoming RTS takes place, as well as how exactly it fits into the story that we already know.

When Does Halo Wars 2 Take Place?

To figure out exactly how Halo Wars 2 fits into the timeline we need to take a look at the previous entry in the series, Halo Wars. We know that Halo Wars took place in the year 2525, roughly 20 years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved. The original game follows Captain James Cutter, leader of the UNSC warship Spirit of Fire. In the original story players control the UNSC as they fight off the forces of the Covenant, who are most notably seen throughout the original Halo series.

At the end of Halo Wars the crew of the Spirit of Fire enter cryosleep, their Faster-Than-Light drive having been destroyed during the story. Left drifting in space, the crew enters long-term storage, leaving the player to wonder what happens when they wake up again. In a complete Halo-like move, the Spirit of Fire

Stranded in space, the Spirit of Fire drifts aimlessly for 28 years. It is then, in the year 2559, that the crew of the Spirit of Fire reawakens, and is drawn into the recent events of the Halo series. Because of this, and based on the timeline of events seen in the franchise, Halo Wars 2 takes place after the events of Halo 5: Guardians, making it the newest entry in the Halo franchise’s long standing timeline. What this means for the game, though is unclear as of this moment and fans will just have to wait until the game releases on February 21, 2017. Until then, all we have is speculation, which isn’t something that we like to dive into.

We’ll have plenty of information on Halo Wars 2 once it grows closer to release, so be sure to bookmark our site and check back often for new features, guides and other articles to help you in the newest journey surrounding Captain Cutter and his crew.

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