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What is Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s Total Play Time

by Josh Hawkins

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is finally here, bringing the beloved PlayStation franchise back to the forefront of everyone’s minds. While technically a spinoff of the series, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy still packs plenty of punches, and many users are curious just how long the game will take to complete. To help you out we’ve put together a list of all the game’s chapters, and we’ll be taking a look at the total play time of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, to help you figure out where you can squeeze it in.

It should be noted that some players may not want to see the chapter names listed. If you are one of these people, then we’d suggest going ahead and backing out of the article so that nothing is spoiled for you.

How Long is Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The latest game in the Uncharted series may be a spinoff, but there is still plenty of content there to enjoy. In fact, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy actually consists of a total of 11 chapters—if you include the prologue and finale. We’ve listed out all the chapters below, as well as their names, so be sure to check them out to see what is in store.

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1. Insurgency
  • Chapter 2. Infiltration
  • Chapter 3. Homecoming
  • Chapter 4. The Western Ghats
  • Chapter 5. The Great Battle
  • Chapter 6. The Gatekeeper
  • Chapter 7. The Lost Legacy
  • Chapter 8. Partners
  • Chapter 9. End of the Line
  • Finale

Speaking solely on time spent in game, though, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy racks up as a good deal shorter than previous Uncharted titles. Most of your average players will spend around seven to eight hours playing through the game. Of course this play time could vary based on your overall playstyle—whether you take things slowly, or dive right in and barrel through things.

Don’t let the play time fool you though, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is no less than the other games in the Uncharted series, and while Uncharted 4 took a good deal longer to complete, players should definitely keep in mind that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is still considered a premium piece of DLC, and the price difference between the two (Uncharted 4 costs $60, while Uncharted: The Lost Legacy only costs $40) more than makes up for the difference you’ll see in play times.

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