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What Stats are Best for Warrior Class in Elden Ring? – Answered

by Aidan O'Brien
Elden Ring

The Warrior in Elden Ring is an interesting class. It starts with the highest Dexterity and comes equipped with dual-wield Scimitars, making it the only class to start with a dual-wield option. Their Intelligence is also high enough that just a few points invested there will give them access to some starter magic.

All this makes the Warrior a fantastic start to the game for many players, and the logical choice for those looking to rush their Dexterity to get to the better Dexterity-scaling weapons in the game.

Warrior starting stats

  • Level 8
  • Vigor 11
  • Mind 12
  • Endurance 11
  • Strenght 10
  • Dexterity 16
  • Intelligence 10
  • Faith 8
  • Arcane 9

The most important stats to build on the Warrior are Vigor and Endurance. You will need the fat health bar from Vigor to survive the late-game boss fights. Many of them will do a lot of area-of-effect damage or just have awkwardly timed strikes. As a melee character you are leaving yourself open to a lot of damage, and tanking it is important. Endurance will give you plenty of stamina, allowing you to dodge roll a lot, spam your dual wield combos, and keep your Equip Load at a reasonable level so you can maintain the ability to fast roll and take full advantage of I-frames.

After that Dexterity is likely the best option, although you should be prepared to put some points into Strength on the off chance that you wish to explore a double Greatsword build.

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