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Sea of Thieves – Order of Souls

by Josh Hawkins

Sea of Thieves is finally here and there are plenty of great quests and missions for players to take on and complete. One of the mission types that you can take on are quests for the Order of Souls. The Sea of Thieves Order of Souls missions act like bounties, and task you with taking down crews of famous skeleton Captains and their crews for the Order of Souls. But what are the Order of Souls in Sea of Thieves, and how do you complete these tasks for them? This article takes a look at the Sea of Thieves Order of Souls to give you a bit more clarity!

What is the Order of Souls?

The Order of Souls is a Company in Sea of Thieves that accepted enchanted skulls from former pirate captains and exchanges them for Gold and experience. As one of the three main companies in the game, the Order of Souls is focused around combat, most notably, combat on land. This strange company has found a way to extract the magical energy from the skulls of famous skeleton Captains that have long since passed away, and have tasked players with tracking down the skeleton Captains and bringing their skulls to them.

Much like the Gold Hoarders, or the Merchant Alliance, the Order of Souls sells different quests that players can take on and complete. Once completed, you’ll receive both gold and experience to help progress you forward. Just like the other companies, meeting different levels will unlock different promotions, which will allow you to purchase more profitable missions and quests.

How to Complete Bounties for the Order of Souls

Completing bounties for the Order of Souls is very similar to completing bounties that you find as messages in a bottle. You’ll need to press E to bring up your map wheel, and then select the bounty that you want to complete. Most give you two to three different targets to go after, and you can complete them all and turn them in or even complete them and turn them in one at a time. That’s really up to you and your crew.

Once you have the bounties in your map wheel, choose the one you want and look at it. It will tell you the name of the pirate that you’re seeking, as well as give you the last location that they were seen at. Now it’s time to find that island on the map and head there.

When you arrive at the island where your bounty is, look around for several skeletons that will have spawned. Take them out—they will heal themselves if wounded and given the chance to eat a banana—and then wait for more to spawn. After a couple of waves of skeletons spawning, the Captain of the crew will spawn, and you’ll need to defeat them too.

After the Captain of the crew is defeated, a special skull will appear on the ground where the Captain died. These skulls act similarly to chests and can be picked up and carried onto your ship. From here, move on to the next bounty location, or head back to an outpost and turn it in to the Order of Souls vendor.

Now that you know more about the Order of Souls, head over to our Sea of Thieves guide, or dive into our guide on how to get started in Sea of Thieves if you’re brand new to the game.

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