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What is Unitology in the Dead Space Remake? – Answered

The Church isn't as holy as they might make themselves out to be.

by Shawn Robinson

The gameplay of the Dead Space Remake is more than enough to keep you wanting to play more, but it’s the story and the lore that help you get more invested than simple necromorph slaughtering. Each character has their developed motivations and personalities, and groups form together to achieve different goals. One group that’s shrouded in a ton of mystery, especially if you haven’t been reading the notes scattered around. Here’s what Unitology is in the Dead Space Remake.

What is the Church of Unitology in the Dead Space Remake?

Before we begin, we want to make one thing very clear. There will be spoilers ahead for both text/audio logs and the events during Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion. If you haven’t made it to Chapter 5 or want to try and find the logs for yourself, click away now.

As for the rest of you still here, the Church of Unitology is a religion within the Dead Space universe that’s featured prominently in all three mainline games. Unlike most of the survivors we come to meet in the games, the Church has a very different belief regarding the marker and the necromorphs. They believe that these items and creatures are humanity’s key to their evolution and salvation. The idea was born from a man named Michael Altman discovering the government’s best-kept secret, the Black Marker. After his believed-to-be assassination, many began to worship him and the markers under his ideology.

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The first Unitologist we meet in the Dead Space Remake first shows his face in Chapter 5, Dr. Challus Mercer. His belief is shared with that of the church, though his way of showing his belief is by engineering smarter, stronger necromorphs as a way of evolving them. To that end, he used his patient Brent Harris’s delusions thanks to the influence of the Marker to fuel that drive and infect him, creating the Hunter necromorph. This is the regenerating necromorph you meet and freeze during the chapter.

As you may be able to deduce at this point, the Church of Unitology is a cult of worshippers who’ve been indoctrinated by the Marker (as it’s supposed to do to its victims), forcing them to believe its messages are divine. Their ideas must be stopped at all costs, or else humanity will face a mass extinction event the world can’t begin to possibly imagine. While we could go further in-depth into the idea of Convergence, we’ll leave that for you to find out when playing Dead Space 2 or 3 (in case you don’t want further spoilers).

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