What is the “Rebirth of Clemency” Event in Tower of Fantasy?

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Fans and veterans of gacha-style games know there’s no shortage of ways to spend currency and roll for those valuable pulls, and Hotta Studios’ Tower of Fantasy is no exception. In typical gacha game fashion, you’ll have permanent pools, often referred to as “banners”, to try and grab those ultra-rare characters from, and you’ll have limited-time banners alongside them that offer slightly better chances for goodness. On launch day, Tower of Fantasy introduced the limited “Rebirth of Clemency” event to spend those hard-earned Red Nuclei on for the next three weeks. So, what are red nuclei, what are the odds, and what can you expect? Here’s the scoop.

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The “Rebirth of Clemency” event requires red nuclei to roll on, and offers the same guarantees as its counterparts. You can expect an SR or SSR weapon after every 10 orders, and a guaranteed SSR weapon after 80 orders. So, what’s so special about this event?

Increased Chances For SSR Weapons

  • The base chance of pulling an SSR Matrix begins at 0.75% and goes up to 2%.
  • Successfully pulling an SSR weapon has a 50% chance of being the SSR Venus, unlocking the Nemesis Simulacra.

Increased Chances For SR Weapons

  • The base chance of pulling an SR weapon begins at 1% and goes up to 12%.

Earn Flame Gold For Every Order

  • A unique currency, “Flame Gold (Rebirth)” is earned every time you use a red nucleus to order. 120 Flame Gold can be exchanged for the SSR Venus weapon, or whichever SSR Weapon happens to be in the limited-time spotlight.

Duplicates Convert To Flame Gold

  • Duplicate weapon orders will convert to SR fusion cores or SSR fusion cores based on the pulled weapon. These fusion cores convert into Flame Gold on a 1:1 and 1:10 ratio respectively.

Get to ordering, wanderers. With so many ways to order new weapons, and a slightly more forgiving set of odds than other gacha-types like Genshin Impact, you’re bound to get your hands on an SSR weapon in no time. Be sure to check out all the other guides and tips that Prima Games has to offer on Tower of Fantasy.

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