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The new Wildcard

Vest Modern Warfare 3
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Every year of Call of Duty brings a slight change to how classes are built, and in Modern Warfare 3, one of those changes is Vests. Much like Wildcards from Black Ops 2, Vests offers a way to spice up your class beyond the standard picks, so you’ll want the best one on hand before you jump into a match. Keep reading to learn of the best vest in Modern Warfare 3.

Which Vest is the Best in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)?

The best Vest in Modern Warfare 3 is the Infantry Vest. At the time of this writing, four different options in the game can be unlocked up to level 30. With the current selections in MW3, the Infantry version is the most versatile by far and can easily boost the effectiveness of any class. I have been using it on all my loadouts and I haven’t looked back.

Vest MW3
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In MW3, the Infantry Vest increases your Tac Sprint Duration and it also resets the cooldown faster. If you have Running Sneakers equipped in the boots slot for perks, you also gain the effects of Lightweight Boots. That means you move faster around the map with a higher base speed while also retaining a much longer Tac Sprint.

My second favorite Vest is the Gunner Vest due to the faster reloads it provides. Modern Warfare 3 has a higher TTK and that means ammo runs out much faster. The Gunner Vest gives you maximum ammo by default with the effects of Sleight of Hand, so it feels great in gameplay. On top of the ammo buffs the Gunner Vest provides Overkill, which means you can carry two primary weapons.

The Infantry Vest is still the best in the game because the Gunner Vest comes at a cost. You lose the boots perk slot, which means no Tactical Pads, Lightweight, or Covert Sneakers. Boots are clearly the best slot and losing that option is a major hit. At the end of the day, Infantry remains the best choice.

Along with a Vest, you need a decent rifle and I have the best loadout for the MCW in Modern Warfare 3.

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