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Starfield is a confusing game on its own, including strange terms like transfer container, assigning weapons to a group, and ship services technicians. While those are confusing, the world of modding can have even more confusing terms. One such mod is confusing if you don’t understand how modding works, though I’ll try to explain it as well as possible. Here’s what the Starfield Script Extender is.

What Does the Starfield Script Extender Do?

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The Starfield Script Extender, or SFSE for short, is a mod for Starfield that adds additional scripting functionality to the game. This is designed for mods so that they can implement additional features into the game beyond what the default game is capable of. To understand more about what that means, we need to go into some very basic coding knowledge.

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Starfield is built on Bethesda’s own in-house engine that players can get some small level of access to. The extent of this in previous games allowed you to change more basic things like weapon stats, the appearance of some models, the location of items, and more. This is good for some more basic mods but is very limited when it comes to more meaningful content.

What a script extender does is allow you to modify the direct code and add new things to it, thus directly modifying the game. This allows for more expansive mods such as new effects on weapons, new weapons entirely, and even new planets with their own stories and potentially their own missions.

How Does That Work On Your End?

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The way this affects the player is only slightly, as the currently released Starfield Script Extender only asks that you launch the game from a different exe file. If you’re into modding, there may also be extra steps to implement said mod, though the small cost is heavily outweighed by the benefits of increased mod functionality.

If you’re looking more into modding Starfield, check out our guide on how to install and use the Starfield DLSS mod.

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