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Fortnite Rocket Racing Featured
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After the unexpected but welcomed reveal of the new LEGO Fortnite mode, we’re getting yet another alternative game inside Fortnite. Rocket Racing is debuting now, and it’s the newest experience you can have in Epic Games’ most popular experience.

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Fortnite Rocket Racing Explained

Rocket Racing is downloaded automatically alongside base Fortnite, so you can play it from any device that runs the main Battle Royale game. And yeah, this is a straight-up race game inside Fortnite! A Rocket League collab was probably the last thing someone ever asked for, but it’s something that I’m definitely willing to give at least a try.

Just like LEGO, this is another permanent addition to the game and will be available alongside all other game modes. You can get Battle Pass levels by playing Rocket Racing, as there are Challenges and Missions tied to it, and there are also Ranked matches available, with your ranking increasing the more you finish races in a good position.

12 players compete simultaneously, and you can enter with a full lobby as usual. You also get to keep any cars, decals, and other extras you got in Rocket League transferred to Fortnite.

As the game itself proposes, Rocket Racing is best experienced with a controller. The game is a simple racing match without some Mario Kart-like powerups to pick up. Your car, Turbo gauge, and drift boosts are the only tools you’ll have to play around with, but there’s enough micro-compatibility with those alone.

Your Turbo is charged by attempting to do Drifts throughout the stage. Successfully performing them increases the gauge faster and gives you some extra speed to get an edge on the race. Activating the Turbo gives you another immediate boost, and you can get another extra push by hitting the button again at the right time. The game feels simple, but there’s actually a lot to do.

And, of course, there are lots of cosmetics available. From car paintings to pilot outfits, there’s a lot you can either unlock or get directly through the store with some V-Bucks. And just like LEGO, it feels like this is only the beginning of new future modes in Fortnite. What’s coming next? A Fortnite fighting game? A Souls-like? Fortnite MMORPG? Only time will tell.

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