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Field Rep Modern Warfare 3
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Whether you just finished a match in Modern Warfare 3 or you ended at an intense circle in Warzone, you may have seen the Field Rep Progress bar appear in the after-action report. This guide will cover what that means in the game and how you can continue progressing.

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How to Earn Field Rep Progress in MW3 and Warzone

Field Rep Progress is the amount of XP that you have earned during a limited-time event in Modern Warfare 3 or Warzone. Some events in the game are entirely based on earning XP by simply playing some matches. It is these events that have the rep progress tied to them at the start of some after-action reports.

Instead of a list of challenges like many of the other Call of Duty events, the XP-based versions are based entirely on tiers of accumulated experience. There are typically around 10 different tiers of required XP that lead to unique rewards. After you hit the final milestone, the Mastery Camo is available to claim.

In past XP-based events, players have only had about seven days to reach the end, which was fairly easy in comparison to what we have now. The Vortex: War’s Domain event, for example, calls for players to earn a total of 1.2 million XP before they can claim the final Magma Mastery Camo. So the process is easy, but still a grind.

For some reason, the Field Rep Progress isn’t labeled when you open up the event tab. Any time I scroll through to see how much XP I’ve already earned, all the rewards are labeled in tiers rather than “Field Rep” like the after-action reports. Nonetheless, it serves the same purpose, so check out the event tab in the main menu to see your total progress in MW3.

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