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What is the GreyBeard Error in Sea of Thieves?

by Josh Hawkins

Sea of Thieves is officially out across the world and players all around are trying to dive into the game and set sail on their adventure. Unfortunately, the large influx of players has also brought about some issues with the game’s connection system, which means would-be pirates could be seeing one of multiple errors, including the GreyBeard error. But what do these errors mean, and can you fix them?

What is the GreyBeard error?

There are quite a few errors that players can get when having connection issues in Sea of Thieves. Most notably during this release, though, has been the GreyBeard error. Now, as far as we can tell, this specific error seems to be tied to the game’s matchmaking system, which is no doubt under a heavy load right now.

We’ve already talked a bit about the TrimmedBeard, KiwiBeard and BronzeBeard errors, so make sure you check out those articles if you’re running into those errors in game.

If you’re running into GreyBeard, though, then unfortunately right now there isn’t much that can be done. The developers are working hard at fixing it, which means there should be some updates coming on the official Sea of Thieves twitter. Earlier tonight they tweeted out that they knew about the issues, and that they were looking into them.

Shortly after that, though, they tweeted once more, getting a little into the root of the problem. It looks like the U.S. release of the game brought in a large influx of players that they were not exactly expecting, and that’s why players are having so many issues connecting right now.

We’ll be sure to update our article if and when we learn more about the GreyBeaerd error. For now, though, prepare yourself for the high seas by checking out our guide on how to get started in Sea of Thieves, where we go over all the basics you need to know. You can also head over to our Sea of Thieves guide for even more in-depth content.


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