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What Does Smite Do in Minecraft? – Answered

Kill the dead (again) even harder

by Patrick Souza
Minecraft Smite

Minecraft has tons of craftable gear to help you fend off those creatures you find lying around.  Sometimes you need an extra push, and the first thought is to search for diamonds to build the best armor/weapons you can for that. But if not even that is enough, you can always resort to more powerful methods: enchantments.

Those magical enhancements can bring your weapon of choice to a whole new power level, making them exceptionally great for surviving and, sometimes, dealing with specific types of enemies. Among all of them, the Smite enchanting is very popular, and here’s what it does in the game.

What Does The Smite Enchantment Do in Minecraft? – Answered

Smite boosts your damage against all Undead-type monsters. That includes all types of zombies, skeletons, and husks you may find around the map. And since those are some of the most common menaces, this makes Smite one of the most reliable and optimal enchantments to use in your weapon, if you have the patience for casting it.

In the classical Java editions, Smite can only be added to Axes, but it was changed in Bedrock so it could also be applied to Swords, making it really useful as you always want to have one as your main weapon. With Smite V, you can go for a puny 4 damage per hit to a whopping 17.5 damage points against no-so-dead creatures when using a simple wooden sword.

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But Smite is incompatible with some other enchantments. More specifically, Sharpness, Cleaving, and Bane of Arthropods, all of them also being damage-boosting enhancements. You can still use other magical tricks such as Unbreaking or Fire Aspect in conjunction with it, though. 

It’s definitely one of the best enchantments you can get in the game, and can help you a lot when dealing with waves of monsters during the night (especially on Hard mode) or when simply traveling to the Nether.

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