What Does Injured Mean in Diablo 4? – Answered

Grab some potions and bandages

Injured Stat in Diablo 4 Explained

Diablo 4 has many status effects and stats that help you shape your builds. From increasing your critical damage to creating barriers and fortification buffs, you have plenty of paths to explore, depending on your build. Another status to watch is Injured, as it affects both you and your enemies! To learn more, continue reading to discover what the Injured stat does in Diablo 4.

Injured Stat in Diablo 4 Explained

Injured is a status effect you gain after going below 35 percent of your maximum health points. Both you and your enemies can get this debuff, and while you can benefit from targeting injured enemies, being Injured will help your enemies. Make sure to watch your health.

This stat differs from Healthy, a status effect that applies when your health is above 80 percent. Some abilities buff you while you’re healthy, while others deal increased damage against Injured enemies.

In other words, drink plenty of potions and watch everyone’s health bars!

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All Class Skills With Injured Stat

A few skills and perks for various classes use the Injured status effect to buff your abilities. In particular, the Barbarian’s Slaying Strike and Rogue’s Invigorating Strike branches improve your damage against Injured enemies.

Diablo 4 Injured and Healthy Skills
Skills that affect Healthy vs Injured enemies | Edited Screenshot by Prima Games

However, other classes have buffs to Healthy enemies instead, such as Sorcerer’s Enhanced Hydra, Necromancer’s Rathma’s Vigor, and Druid’s Ursine Strength.

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