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What comes in the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Collector’s Pack?

by Lucas White

As we all know by now, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a hit. The people love the wobby, running bean people, and we love to dress them up like dinosaurs. You may be out there ready to purchase Fall Guys for yourself, but perhaps you’re also wondering if there’s any bonus content. Good news! There’s totally bonus content in the form of the Champion’s Pack. here’s what you can get with it.

What’s in the Fall Guys Collector’s Pack?

By itself, Fall Guys; Ultimate Knockout runs for $19.99. That’s the same price on PC and PS4, although if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can just download the base game as it’s included in your membership for this month. That said if you buy the game or not, there are also two DLC packs you can purchase to add on to your experience. 

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The first pack is $4.99, and it just gives you access to some fast food-themed skins. This is additional content no matter how you buy Fall Guys in the first place. That hot dog costume is pretty good, though. The second pack is the Collector’s Pack. This is a larger bundle of goodies for those who wish to support Fall Guys, at a $9.99 price point. You can get the Collector’s Pack by itself on the PlayStation store, as well as Steam. But you can also get a bundle on Steam, called “Fall Guys: The Ultimate Knockout Collector’s Edition.” This set is $29.99 which… isn’t a deal. There’s no bundle discount. That’s weird, but it’s an option you have.

If you do opt to get the Collector’s Pack or Collector’s Edition, you get the following goodies in exchange for your ten American dollars: You get three exclusive skins (Ecto Pirate, Fairycom, Astronaut), the Robot emote, and 10,000 Kudos. Kudos is Fall Guys’ premium currency, and 10,000 is definitely enough to get something cool.

That’s all for now in terms of additional content for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. There are some skins in the game based on external IP, such as Half-Life and Hotline Miami, that we’ve seen come available through various circumstances. Perhaps there will be more of those, or perhaps there will be more directly-paid DLC in the future. We don’t know, and the Fall Guys developers probably don’t either. Maybe.

Are you on the fence about getting the bonus skins and whatnot in the Collector’s Pack? Or are you simply satisfied with the regular season rewards, therefore uninterested in opening your wallet beyond the price of admission? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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