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What is the Best Monster in Evolve?

by Prima Games Staff

Players may not like this, but the answer to our question (What is the best Monster in Evolve?) isn’t as simple as typing the name of each creature. Each one is built with different strengths and weaknesses, and those characteristics change which Monster is best in a given set of circumstances. Variables such as map size and play style mean that one person could excel with the Goliath, while the next gamer does particularly well with the Kraken.

Rather than incorrectly blurt out which Monster is the best, we’re going to take a brief look at each one, giving gamers a summary of the different options they have to choose from. We also encourage anyone who wants to become an expert at Evolve to pick up the official strategy guide linked at the bottom of this article. It has advanced information on every Monster, Hunter, map and game mode.

The Goliath

This Monster is the first one players have available, and therefore will be the most commonly used in the early days of the game. It’s for the best, since the Goliath has several characteristics that will appeal to new players.

First of all, this guy is fast when he’s on the ground. It’s quick enough to get far away and evolve to Stage 2 in the early parts of the game, and the additional health and armor at each stage means things are about to get even worse for the Hunters. Should the Goliath make it to Stage 3, the Hunters will live in fear.

In terms of how to use this monster offensively, try to isolate one of the Hunters if they fall behind or wander off on their own, then hit them with a Sneak attack and make sure they’re dead. If it turns out players will have to fight all four Hunters at once, think about an environment that seriously restricts movement, like a cave or a corner. Imagine for a second what it would be like to be trapped in a phone booth with a bear, and players might have an idea of what it’s like to get up close and personal with a Goliath.

Who should use it: New players will have to use the Goliath, but it’s also ideal for those who fall into the “average gamer” category. The attacks are easy to control, as are the movements, something that cannot be said about the Kraken or Wraith.

The Kraken

The second Monster on the list isn’t as fast on the ground as the Goliath, and it doesn’t have as much armor or health, but it does have a major advantage in the movement category, and that’s the fact that it can fly. This vertical agility is the main selling point of the Kraken, in addition of course to its arsenal of ranged weapons.

The best way to use the Kraken is to try and stay out in the open, although it is easier to land attacks against Hunters stuck in small spaces. They can hurt the Monster, but the creature’s ranged attacks are more likely to land if the Hunters can’t flee. This is also why the Kraken is for players who are a bit more advanced – its offensive options aren’t always easy to use, but when skilled players get the hang of them they are deadly.

Who should use it: As we mentioned, skilled players will love the Kraken, but it’s also worth noting that you can’t improve without experience. Once gamers feel they reached the highest level of skill they can with the Goliath, spend some time getting to know the ins and outs of the Kraken. Just expect a bit of a learning curve.

The Wraith

Using this Monster is all about smoke and mirrors. Not only can it deploy a Decoy and cloak itself, but it can also abduct Hunters and move them away from the group. This makes the Wraith one of the more entertaining creatures in the game, and players who put in the time will be rewarded for their efforts.

Consider this option with the Wraith… wait until the Hunters get close, then deploy the Decoy and head off to feed and evolve. Don’t wait until the Hunters get the Monster into the Mobile Arena. Players need to use this to their advantage right from the start of the match. Another great option is to use the Decoy and cloak, then flank and sneak up on the Hunters. The possibilities are endless.

Who should use it: Gamers who are all about intelligent play and mind games will feel at home with this Monster. Like the Kraken, it will take time to perfect, however the patience and effort will be rewarded in the long run.

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