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Recommended Weapons MW3
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When the system is in full effect, recommended weapons are a great way to earn some extra weapon XP without needing any tokens or a special event. To make sure you’re picking the right weapons, I’ll cover which ones are recommendations and how you can tell.

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How to Use Recommended Weapons in MW3

Recommend weapons are guns that have been marked with an orange fire icon when you search the loadout section of Modern Warfare 3. If you scroll over a weapon that has the fire icon, a banner will open up that says “recommended” across the weapon card. Any weapon containing the banner and the icon will work.

At the time of this writing, nearly every single weapon launched with MW3 will count as a recommended weapon. The only new weapon that lacks the fire icon is the Bruen MK9. The Bruen was originally leaked for MW2 last year, so that could be why the recommended status is missing on a single gun.

All of the Modern Warfare 2 weapons are exempt from the recommended list for the time being. However, that could change with Season 1. The point of the system is to rotate weapons in and out and incentivize using them for a week or so. During launch, it just makes sense to have them all on the list, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a weekly rotation begins down the line.

For week 4 of the weekly challenges, using a recommended submachine gun is one of your options to get the five completions you need. Any MW3 submachine gun will work for this, and before you know it, you’re on to a new weapon.

At the end of all five challenges, don’t forget to pick up the TAQ Eradicator light machine gun.

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