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More trophies for your collection.

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When you take down an enemy player for the first time in Diablo 4 PvP, you might find one of their ears on the ground, and you can even pick it up as another item. However, It’s not obvious what they are really meant for in Sanctuary, and I’m here to help you sort these out. Here’s what Ears are used for in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 – What to Do With Ears

Ears only serve as trophies for your success in Diablo 4 PvP and they can’t be used at any vendor for special items. As fun as they can be to collect, selling them to any of the PvP vendors will only net you about one gold coin, which isn’t even worth the time it takes to run in that direction.

When I first started taking on PvP battles in the Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred, collecting the ears of my enemies was a fun novelty. I had a whole chest full of trophies that displayed the names of the players and their levels. Not only is it a callback to the earlier Diablo games, but it was also fun to see how many trophies I could rack up.

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After I collected enough of the PvP ear trophies in Diablo 4, it was time to move on. They are really only for show, and if you don’t care about them, then simply throwing them away is your best option. After all, no one really wants those trophies, even with all the gruesome items vendors collect.

Maybe at some point, in the new season, we will get an option to trade in ears for extra rewards in the Fields of Hatred. There are already cosmetic vendors that exist there, so another currency would be fantastic, but only time will tell.

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